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Latest news and updates

Development News: Fade Support!

Development News
Fade Support!


I'm pleased to announce that the recent AAO update has added a very high-demand feature to AAO. Fades! If you want to see their full capabilities in action, you can play a demonstration trial that ThePasch and I have created, and if you want to see how we accomplished it in-editor so you can do the same tricks, poke at the trial data yourself!

New features:
  • AAO now supports fading in and out of the entire screen, the background, background and character, and everything but the text box. Both the fade color and the fade duration are completely customizable. (ThePasch)

  • Changed the implementation of the text blip change from the previous update to better support non-English characters. (ThePaSch)

Be sure to thank ThePasch for these updates, and put them to good use while many of us are stuck home! I personally have a case I need to finish writing, but afterwards, I can assure you there's going to be another new AAO feature in the works... Stay tuned!

Development News : Return of the bleeps

Development News
Return of the bleeps

Hello everyone !
New AAO update just released. :-)

New features:
  • Character voice bleeps are now properly synchronised with the typing speed. (ThePasch)

  • Fixed a bug caused by the previous fix to a bug causing pauses when a character’s sprite was updated. (Enthalpy)
    (Let's hope there is no need for another fix to that fix for the previous fix :-D)
  • Fixed German translation of the editor. (ThePaSch)

More changes are on their way, stay tuned for future updates :-)