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Latest news and updates

Community News: Game Jam!

Community News
Game Jam!

Are AAO's own competitions not big enough for you, or have you needed an extra push to develop a game you have in the works? Well, we have something for you! As part of a collaboration between AAO, Court Records, and the AA Discord server, there is a game jam starting on July 1st. A game jam works much like a massive case competition, but without competition - there's no need to keep entries secret, you can work with multiple entries, and no such thing as winning and losing. Just come up with an idea, make it, and enter it.

Most of the activities will be on a Discord channel for it. Be warned that as the channel is moderated by non-AAO staff, AAO content rules are not enforced here.

I'll be entering, and I hope to see you entering as well!

Development news: AAO is moving, update your bookmarks !

Development news
AAO is moving, update your bookmarks !

Important piece of news : AAO is moving, in more ways than one.

  • The domain will soon disappear.
    But fear not : another domain is already in place - and has been working for years, actually, though I never felt useful to publicise it.
    From now on, please use the address to access Ace Attorney Online. Please update your bookmarks !
    No other consequence from that part : your AAO experience will remain exactly the same on the new address.
  • The physical machine currently running the AAO website has reached end of life and will very soon be retired.
    For this reason, I will be moving AAO to a new server in the next few days.
    Due to my hectic schedule, I cannot exactly tell you when, but expect some downtime by the end of the week (probably on Friday evening or Saturday) when I will take care of the transfer.

Sorry, it's not a big site update as you may have been expecting; nevertheless, it's vital work that I need to do for the site to keep running.
And having been informed of these close deadlines very recently (and being very busy on other matters lately), it's a little complicated for me to plan the transition correctly - I hope it won't be too bumpy a ride...

See you when it's done !