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Community News: Game Jam! 

Postby Enthalpy » Fri May 25, 2018 1:21 am

Community News
Game Jam!

Are AAO's own competitions not big enough for you, or have you needed an extra push to develop a game you have in the works? Well, we have something for you! As part of a collaboration between AAO, Court Records, and the AA Discord server, there is a game jam starting on July 1st. A game jam works much like a massive case competition, but without competition - there's no need to keep entries secret, you can work with multiple entries, and no such thing as winning and losing. Just come up with an idea, make it, and enter it.

Most of the activities will be on a Discord channel for it. Be warned that as the channel is moderated by non-AAO staff, AAO content rules are not enforced here.

I'll be entering, and I hope to see you entering as well!
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Re: Community News: Game Jam! 

Postby Gamer2002 » Fri May 25, 2018 9:43 pm

I don't have time to enter, unless already worked on projects would be allowed (they aren't).

But I have a pretty detailed idea (85% complete synopsis, which I can finish up in one go or two) for a fairly simple and short case (probably even shorter than Turnabout Trickery), which is about Mia Fey's civil trial against a rookie attorney Kristoph Gavin. I can also make few custom graphics and prepare music for it. If anybody lacks ideas and is interested, PM me.

Though you have to yourself make sure if old synopsis is fine by rules ;P
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