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Forum rules (last updated 2011-09-09)

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:32 pm
by Unas
Forum rules
These rules apply to all forums within the English section.

  • You must be kind and treat everyone with respect.
  • You must not complain publicly about another member's behaviour (as this often results in aggressive and disrespectful behaviour).
    • You must bring any complaint you have against other members to a moderator in private.
    • You must bring any complaint you have against a moderator to Meph or Unas in private.
    • You should report any post you find disrespecting the forum rules or offensive using the "report" icon next to the post text.
    • You should try to settle any personal conflict with other members in private before filing a complaint.
  • You must not make a post on the behalf of a member that has been suspended or banned.
  • You must not double post (i.e. make a post that appears following your previous post).
    • You may double post if 12 hours have passed since your previous post.
  • You must not post content that is not suitable for young audience, including profanity (i.e. swear words).
  • You must not post content that is illegal, such as cracking or emulation.
  • You must not post spam (i.e. advertise or post irrelevant things).
  • You must not post trap links (i.e. links to sites that can't be escaped from).
  • You must not create multiple accounts (a.k.a. sock puppets, smurf accounts).
    • You should inform the staff if someone else in your household (such as a sibling) creates an account so that we will not assume that it is another account that you have created.
  • You should not have a signature higher than 250 pixels. Anything larger will be hidden by default.
  • Administrators cannot be held responsible for the failure of any parts of the website. However, it is appreciated if these faults can be posted in the Bug reports forum.
  • Every member is responsible for the content of their own posts. The administrators and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hurtful or illegal content. However, they reserve the right to delete or edit any content they would not agree with, and will take into account every complaint against a member; they will remain the only judges of the measures to be taken.
  • It is forbidden for all members (excluding administrators and moderators) to copy, translate or reuse content posted by members of the community without permission.
These rules could change at any time, if they prove to be incomplete. PM me if you believe that there should be a new rule or if there is a problem in the current rules.