Back Button should set flashing health points to zero.

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Back Button should set flashing health points to zero.

Post by coolbrad888 »

This really is a minor bug, but I thought I'd bring it to your attention. I'm not sure where else the back button is applicable, but in every case I've played with psyche-locks, this has been a problem. Seeing as it's customary to set flashing health points when you're given a prompt in a psyche lock conversation, if you hit the back button, those flashing health points never really go away and you're stuck with them until you go back and answer the prompt. I couldn't find a way to fix this manually, because the back button automatically sends you to the scene's mainframe instead of whatever frame you direct it to, and as far as I'm aware, you can't perform actions on mainframes. If there's anyway to fix this without changing the site itself, I'd love to hear about it. :larry:

(Not sure if this should go in here, or in Bug reports. I hope here is ok.)
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Re: Back Button should set flashing health points to zero.

Post by Enthalpy »

A better option would be to have a conversation that will display when the player exits a psyche-lock conversation. This is something I'd like to add (especially as one of my cases uses psyche-locks), but I'm a bit busy with other projects, and the rest of the AAO devleopment team is a bit hard to get in touch with at the moment.

On the bright side, I think the main technical barrier to implementing this (that I have no idea how the rowmap system works) will be surmounted soon, so dealing with this is viable again... I don't have an ETA for you, but this will be fairly high on my priority list once I can get back to AAO development. As you've probably seen, there's another thing or two that I need to get done first.
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Re: Back Button should set flashing health points to zero.

Post by E.D.Revolution »

This was actually documented in a guide of mine:
Psychelocks V6, 2014 wrote: All prompts in psyche locks will have a back button. The only problem here is that there is no escape conversation when you go back. Do not worry about this. Just focus on the scripting.

Write the conversation as usual. About a couple of frames before the prompt, you may want to use the action "set flashing health points" to give the players a heads-up on what is at risk. The penalties for a wrong answer in psyche locks is usually 24 hp (out of 120, so that's 20%). Right before the actual prompt, set the flashing health points back to 0. You might might be asking "why can't I keep the health flashing"? It relates to the fact that AAO's psyche locks do NOT have a "back out" conversation. So if the player backs out of a psyche locks sequence, the health will be flashing outside of psyche locks. This is the only way to get around that problem.
I'm sure there may be another way to get around as it stands, but this is the best workaround I have for this problem until the fix can be implemented.
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