[S] Whatever happened to the ability to save trials as text?

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[S] Whatever happened to the ability to save trials as text? 

Message par Semper Solus » Sam Juil 02, 2016 4:28 am

In v5, you could convert your trial to text, and copy it to a text editor and save it, or paste it into a new trial for easy cloning.

Plus, when the trial is in a text format, it is much easier to manipulate.

Is that still around? Replaced by the new save feature? Gone forever? I kind of miss it.
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Re: [S] Whatever happened to the ability to save trials as t 

Message par Enthalpy » Sam Juil 02, 2016 4:44 am

The purpose of that feature wasn't to enable direct trial data editing, but to let Unas debug possible problems with the save system. Only Unas can say why he decided not to restore that feature in v6, but having looked at several trial data files in v5 and v6, I'm fairly sure the reason is because v6 is far less likely to have those kinds of errors.

I'm not sure why this was removed in the v6 editor, but you're looking for this.

Please, look to see if a similar topic has already been started before starting a new one. "How to clone a v6 trial" questions have been asked and answered.
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