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Suggestions already made 

Message par Unas » Sam Mai 09, 2009 12:22 pm

I'll try to maintain a list of all suggestions that have been made, and their current state.

Accepted suggestions that are being worked on
  • Seperate the Trial Manager from the playable trials page
  • Be able to close the description of a piece of evidence
  • Close the description of displayed evidence if an action hides it in the court record
  • Auto-voice feature

"Wait and see if I decide to do that or not" suggestions :P
  • Custom "next" buttons for text
  • Override mouth animation
  • Fade out for music
  • Fade out for characters
  • Copy trials - completely (for translating, for example) or court record only (for creating next parts)
  • Custom special pictures
  • Custom benches
  • Double backgrounds
  • Override display name for characters on some messages
  • A warning on collaborative trials if other people edited the trial in the meantime
  • Composed sprites (such as Vera's drawings or Angle's lunchboxes)

Refused suggestions
  • Reading other sound files than mp3 : Impossible due to the limitations of Flash Player
  • Resizing external pictures to the playing screen's size automatically : Impossible in JS as far as I know.
  • Blur effect in the courtroom (eg when switching from prosection to defense) : would be way to complicated if I were to move the sprite and foreground simultaneously
  • Redoing the player in Flash
  • Full screen capability
  • Generate sprites from a sprite sheet
  • Define different states for evidences to update them

Please make sure you suggestion isn't in there before posting it :wink:
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