[Minor bug] Deleting a background and Ask player to point...

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[Minor bug] Deleting a background and Ask player to point... 

Postby Jofe » Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:33 pm

For this bug, you need a background in the "Places" menu and use this background in a message in the "Storyboard" with the action "Ask player to point an area".

When you want to delete a place, a warning message appears (example: "Warning! This place is used in message 451, 523" etc.). However, if the place is only used with the "Ask player to point an area" action and not as a background in the "Screen editor", this warning message doesn't appear and you can delete the background without any problem. The problem is that after deleting the place, in messages where the background was used with the action "Ask player to point an area ", the button "Set action" doesn't work anymore.

I say "minor bug" because just thinking about changing the action before deleting the background is enough and the trial is still intact, but inattentions arrive quickly. :armstrong:
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Re: [Minor bug] Deleting a background and Ask player to poin 

Postby ThePaSch » Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:40 am

Good catch! I was able to reproduce this bug; seems to be a case of not checking for place dependencies in that specific action. Looks like the only remedy is to delete the frame and recreate it to be able to assign a new action, which makes this a pretty annoying one.

I've added this to the bug tracker - thanks!
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