[F] Custom Canon spoiler tab bug

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[F] Custom Canon spoiler tab bug

Post by ApolloGrimoire »

Not sure if this is do to with the Forum Upgrade, however for some unknown reason, the spoiler tab for Robert Hammond is glitched.

I've checked everything and it should work... though if I do try to change anything, it messes up Gregory Edgeworth's tab as well.

I believed it was working fine before I disappeared. :hobo:

Here's the tab entry
Spoiler : Robert Hammond :
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Edit: What!? How does it work here and not on the custom canon thread!? :tigre:
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Re: [F] Custom Canon spoiler tab bug

Post by Jofe »

Because it's not the tab entry of Robert Hammond who bug, but the one above, the Cup_of_Law sprite set of Grossberg.

Code: Select all

One "]" is missing after the url.
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Re: [F] Custom Canon spoiler tab bug

Post by Enthalpy »

Thanks, Jofe.

AG, please let us know if that didn't fix the issue. If it did, then I say my job here is done.
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