[E] Edgeworth Startup Sprite

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[E] Edgeworth Startup Sprite

Post by Bannedfrom7 »

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Link to test trial: http://aaonline.fr/player.php?trial_id=137582&debug

When I was messing with the editor, I noticed something I found peculiar with Edgeworth's startup animations. Edgeworth's finger wag (default sprite Edgeworth 7) finger wag animation plays even when I have Skip Startup Animation selected. I made multiple frames where he had the pose and double checked to make sure "Skip Startup Animation" was selected. For every frame the pose was on he would do the finger wag animation while he was speaking. After a while of looking at the editor, I noticed that the finger wag animation is placed on the talking sprite. I'm wondering if this is intentional or not but I decided to place it on the Bug Reports section because I personally thought it was strange enough to be placed here.

When I play tested my trial and let the frames run while he had the pose, I expected the startup animation to not play so he would stand still in the pose when "Skip Startup Animation" was selected.

I made a test trial with several consecutive frames that contains the pose and have him speak for the entire time.
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Re: [E] Edgeworth Startup Sprite

Post by Enthalpy »

It's intentional.

Edgeworth doesn't have a talking sprite for that pose, so when Unas was adding sprites to the editor, he decided to duplicate the startup animation in its place.
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