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Enthalpy's To-Do List 

Postby Enthalpy » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:22 pm

This topic is a place for me to organize bugs I need to investigate, say what order I'm prioritizing them in, and also serve as a "kill list" for the glitch hunt. If anybody wants to help coding side, post in the Developer's forum, and we can talk!

Here's the list from highest to lowest priority.

Unicode trial titles can't be entered. (Pending Unas accepting changes)
Why are some actions frozen out for merged frames?
Custom sprites disappear in conjunction with scroll effects.(Fixed, but fix needs to be uploaded.)
Can't edit the main frame for investigations.
Are startup animations working correctly?
Iris sprites acting up.(Fixed, but fix needs to be uploaded.)
After updating a startup animation's duration, the preview of the startup animation will break. (Pending Unas accepting changes)

Status: The inability to edit the main frame is top priority. I've begun talking with Unas about the next AAO update.
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Current AAO Development Priority: Issue #94: Grayscale Mode
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