[T] Danganronpa VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ○○○○○

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[T] Danganronpa VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ○○○○○

Post by BlueDragonCody »

Mods, if you see this, PLEASE read the whole post before deciding whether to delete it or leave it. The LAST thing I want is trouble on this site because people neglect to read the entire post. This has happened to me in the past, so that's why I posted this block of text. Thanks, and I hope you understand.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce my biggest AAO project EVER: Danganronpa VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!

"Danganronpa" is an EXTREMELY DARK detective-style visual novel series, in which the overall premise involves 15-16 high school students trapped in their own school, and the only way out is to kill someone without being discovered. As Danganronpa is meant for audiences 17 years of age and older due to the blood, gore, and semi-sexual content, I will do my absolute BEST to minimize this for an attempted "T-Rated" experience.

As for "Ace Attorney"... Do I really need to explain?

The fan game will have five cases, with a sixth bonus case to be released after the main game is released. The main game is still in its early stages of development, but I'll update this post as more information becomes available!

Unlike most of the trials on this site, I am going to combine ALL cases (with the exception of the Bonus Case) into ONE, FULL game. I will NOT, however, be releasing cases as they are completed (I want to focus on getting everything completed BEFORE releasing it, so you guys don't have to wait TWO MILLION YEARS for me to finish all the cases after one is complete. All cases will be released at once, so the wait time will not be longer than it needs to be).

However, in order to ensure that this project gets completed as soon as possible, I'm gonna need a LOT of help.

Here's what I mainly need:

-Sprite makers, editors & animators (Several of the sprites are not animated, they're still images. I need to make sure this fan game is as smooth as possible; therefore, if possible, I would like these images to be pixelated and animated. Furthermore, there will be times during the game where the characters who have these sprites will be behind the bench, whether by co-counsel or representing attorney; therefore, if this is to happen, custom sprites will need to be made if none exist.)

-Background artists and editors (I might need some backgrounds made for missing scenes, so any help with that would be appreciated!)

-Voice Actors (Basically, I need actors for 4 characters, all of which are from the Danganronpa games. You might need to find walkthroughs in order to hear what their English voices sound like. These characters are: Makoto Naegi, Kyoko Kirigiri, Byakuya Togami, and Aoi Asahina. *FYI: these are their names in the games' Western localizations. If you want their anime/manga names, you can just flip the first and last names; given name and surname are flipped when compared from Western Naming Culture to Eastern Naming Culture.)

Like I said before, I'll update this thread once more info is available. If you are interested, PM me and we'll discuss more details! In the meantime, I hope you like this trailer I put together for you!


Have an amazing day, and stay safe, everyone! :D

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Re: [T] Danganronpa VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ○○○○○

Post by StuPit »

Very much like the custom graphics you've used here, I'll keep an eye out for this.
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