Case showcasing rules (last updated 2012-10-02)

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Case showcasing rules (last updated 2012-10-02)

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Case showcasing rules
Please read the following before posting your case's showcase
If you are making a case, you can create a showcase thread for it. Make sure that your showcase meets the following guidelines:-
  • You must give a link to all of the completed chapters of your case (if any) in the Trial Player.
  • You must create only one showcase thread for your case. Any identical threads will be merged by the moderation team.
    • You must give some information about the story of your case if you haven't completed any chapters yet.
  • You must not create your showcase until you've made at least a bit of progress in the writing of your case.
  • You should give information about the story of your case.
  • You should place these tags at the front of your thread's title to show the type of case that you're showcasing. These are explained below:
    1. Genre:
      • [T] must be used for a case that includes at least one trial phase similar to a real Ace Attorney games.
      • must be used for a case that only has investigation phases (i.e. no trial sections) or has gameplay similar to the real Ace Attorney Investigations games.
      • [C] must be used for a funny case that is more about humour than about defending a client.
      • [M] must be used for a case that is neither a trial, investigation or comedy.
    2. [CE] must be used if your case is a competition entry for one of the Case Competitions.
    3. Symbols:
      • ● should be used to count the number of cases where all of the chapters are completed.
      • ○ should be used to count the number of cases where some of the chapters aren't completed yet.
      • ☆ and ★ should be used to count the number of completed cases that are featured (see this thread for more information).

    For example, if you were making a trial series with four episodes, the tags might look like this: [T] Turnabout Example ●○○○

Once you've finished a chapter of your case and you're ready to to link to it in your showcase, make sure it meets the following guidelines:-
  • Your case must meet the case rules.
  • Your case should be stable. This means that your case should be complete and have no bugs. To check the case's stability, you need to playtest your case.
  • Your case should be completely spell checked. Most internet browsers have a built-in spell checker.
  • Your case should have a lot of effort put into it. It should be entertaining and well-written.

Please note that every author is responsible for the content of his or her case. The administrators cannot be held responsible for any hurting or illegal content. However, they reserve the right to delete or edit any content they would not agree with and will take into account every complaint a case; they will however remain the only judges of the measures to be taken.

Also note that every case posted on this site is owned by its author and the administrators. The administrators thus have the right to edit, copy and delete any case. However, it is forbidden for other members to copy, translate or re-use them in any way without its author's or an administrator's consent.
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