Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney: The Defense Path

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Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney: The Defense Path 

Message par Robbiezomb2000 » Sam Juin 02, 2018 9:16 am

Hello I am Currently Developing a new fan AA Game Called Miles Edgeworth: The Defense Path

Plot (spoilers for AJ, AAI2, DD, And Minor Spoilers for SOJ)
Spoiler : :
The Plot Focus on 7 Years after the events of AAI 2.Except for one thing. In this Timeline, Edgeworth decided to be a Defense Attorney. With him working at the Edgeworth&Co. Law Office. However, After Ray was falsely accused for Forging Evidence in a Murder Case he went to the still standing Wright and Co. Law Office. The game MAINLY takes place around the middle of Dual Destines. And will be 5 Cases

My Personal Planing for the idea for it is about 85%

How Ever I am only Human and i need help. I am looking for Help With Scripting, Animation, Proofreading, And Someone who is good at making jokes ( if you are interested please PM Here on the site )

Case 1 : Turnabout Forgery

Planning 100%
Script 15%
Animation 0%

Case 2 : Turnabout Yokai

Planning 75%
Script 5%
Animation 0%

Case 3,4, and 5 Will be announced at a later date

Please Reply Below for your thoughts
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Re: Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney: The Defense Path 

Message par the.armenator » Lun Juin 04, 2018 12:05 am

I'm actually a first-time case maker, but I'm already noticing several things that I think you're going to need help on.
1. I think it's a bit early to announce the project just yet - planning is the easy part, but a lot of times, people start planning and get bored easily, then quit. It's already too late of course, but usually people wait until at least the script for the first (or only) case is complete, from what I've seen.
2. I'm noticing that your post, and especially grammar, is definitely a bit disorganized. Of course, I'm not judging you for that, but I'd absolutely recommend getting help from a proofreader or two - they'd be able to help you with your grammar and organization so the case looks a lot better and doesn't feel off-kilter.
3. Read this post so you know how to format your post so it fits by the AAOnline rules.
I do think the premise and idea are nice, especially since I enjoy games that take alternate endings from games in the main series (like The Dragon's Turnabout plays off of an alternate ending to DD, and Conflict of Interest plays off of an alternate universe to the trilogy/AJ.
Good luck! :)

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I'm working on "Athena Cykes: Ace Attorney ~ Locks on the Heart" --> viewtopic.php?f=15&t=12380&p=767720#p767720
Contact me in the ways described in the linked post if you want to help with LotH!
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