My new case...

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My new case... 

Message par greatace445 » Mer Août 08, 2018 7:33 pm

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Re: My new case... 

Message par drvonkitty » Jeu Août 09, 2018 2:03 am

Hi there, and welcome to AAO!

I tried giving your case a try, and I quickly got the impression that this was the first thing you ever created in the editor. While that's great - messing around in the editor is key to improving as a trial author - I'm not sure this is something you should be releasing publicly.

Allow me to direct you to a couple places. Firstly, you need to get a stronger grasp of how to use the editor. Currently, the presentation of your trial is completely all over the place. There are dialogue boxes with more than three lines (Gumshoe's testimony went up to like 15 or so!!!), the character's full names appear in the boxes (it should only be one name, like "Phoenix", "Edgeworth"," "Gumshoe" etc), there's popups in strange places (the cross examination should not have the "Cross-Examination" popup on the first frame), etc etc, I could go on. So first, check out my Getting Started guide. It'll walk you through how to use the editor, as well as some basic tips to get you started.

Next, if you're serious about making trials to release on the forums, you need to check out E.D.'s Comprehensive Guide. It explains, in newbie-friendly terms, how to get started with the actual creation of a trial, including planning, formatting, framing, and eventually releasing your first trial. Read this fervently - it'll really help you make something of decent quality.

If you're not serious about making trials to be released publicly, then I question why you released this trial to begin with! If it's just you messing around with the editor, there's probably no need to release it here on the forums. Usually, trials like that can be kept private, for your eyes only. I have plenty of those that will never see the light of day. Only actual, quality cases with substantial amounts of effort put into them should be released publicly with a thread on the forums.

Anyhow, good luck and welcome to AAO!

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