[CE] [M] Last Window: The Secret of the Rancid Burger ●

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[CE] [M] Last Window: The Secret of the Rancid Burger ● 

Postby Ana_ » Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:11 pm


Click the image to play

Kyle Hyde orders a burger at Lucky's Cafe but it tastes awful, can he figure out why?

This is a short, stupid story set in the world of Hotel Dusk and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. It's spoiler-free and playing the actual games isn't necessary but please play them anyway.........

Spoiler : Credits :
Written by Ana (me)
Kyle's sprites ripped by Adrot

This case was written on a whim for the Three's Company competition.

Spoiler : Walkthrough :
Last Window: The Secret of the Bad Burger

Talking to Sidney:
- It's awful [Telling him it's great twice = gameover]
Talk about "The burger"
- You don't seem busy [If you don't, Kyle will direct you back to him anyway]
Talk about "The other problem"

Move to the Kitchen
Examine the freezer
Move to the Freezer
Examine the boxes
Examine the white packaging on the floor
Bring closer -> Move further away -> Move halfway closer [im sorry, im rly dum]
Examine the large sack
Move to the Kitchen -> Lucky's Cafe -> First Floor Hallway

Mags' Door:
Click on the door once then click the back arrow. [Knocking 4 more times = gameover]

Move to the fourth floor (Examining the plant = gameover)
Move to the third floor
Move to Dylan's Room

Breaking into Dylan's Room:
Examine the door handle
Present the Paperclip
Click the yellow parts
Examine the fridge

[Warning: Most wrong answers will put you in an unavoidable gameover state.]
"The back door is jammed!"
"Red Cow meat" -> Present the Red Cow Packaging -> "You've been in the freezer"
"How did you enter the building?" -> "You went UP the elevator!" -> Point to the freezer
Present Sidney's Account

All Gameover Scenes:
1. Tell Sidney his burger's great twice
2. Knock on Mags' door five times
3. Examine the potted plant when hiding from Dylan
4. Get anything wrong during the final confrontation
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Re: [CE] [M] Last Window: The Secret of the Rancid Burger ● 

Postby Southern Corn » Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:41 pm

This is pretty short but it's fun! Do recommend but it's much better if you've already played LW before. Pretty cute and the presentation on this is very fun, it's nothing major but it acts well as a cute taste of the actual games. My favourite parts were definitely the game overs, you can get pretty crazy ones in there.
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Re: [CE] [M] Last Window: The Secret of the Rancid Burger ● 

Postby MegaFan » Mon Apr 20, 2020 3:59 pm

Thank you so much for using the Hotel Dusk sprites for Kyle. I've just started Last Window and I seriously can't get used to seeing Kyle in a suit and tie.

What a hilarious case. i would love to see more HD/LW things in AAO.
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Re: [CE] [M] Last Window: The Secret of the Rancid Burger ● 

Postby milaza » Tue Apr 21, 2020 12:51 pm

"But I'm a customer, and I sure see this..." LOL. This case is really funny and enjoyable. Now that I've finally started playing Hotel Dusk, I feel like I can appreciate the knocking on the door a lot more... The sprites look really good with this format as well.
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