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Ace Attorney Online game 

Message par davidrohusch » Lun Août 24, 2015 10:56 pm

Hello. My name is David and i started playing Phoenix Wright games 1 year ago. I played all acts of first game and 3 acts of second game(justice for all).
I saw on youtube this:
And it looks soooooooo coool and amazing. Is this game made by this website? Im a little bit confused. Thank you ^^
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Re: Ace Attorney Online game 

Message par Calvinball » Lun Août 24, 2015 11:21 pm

I'm afraid you're looking for the roleplaying website Attorney Online. This is the Ace Attorney fansite Ace Attorney Online, and we have no affiliation with the roleplaying site.
The score is still Q to 12. Shirley Homes avatar by my Invisible Friend. They're an awesome artist!


A huge thanks to my Invisible Friend for this AMAZING Shirley Homes art!

Shirley Homes

Connie Harper
A big thanks to gotMLK7 for this Shirley Homes and Connie Harper art. He is an awesome artist!
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Re: Ace Attorney Online game 

Message par Enthalpy » Lun Août 24, 2015 11:25 pm


The canon games are made by Capcom, which is unrelated to Ace Attorney Online or Attorney Online. This website, Ace Attorney Online, is where you can make your own Ace Attorney-style fangames. The YouTube video you showed is about Attorney Online, a "multiplayer Ace Attorney," which is simply a chatroom to pretend to do an Ace Attorney case.

It's confusing, yes, but the short version is that you're looking for Attorney Online.
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