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Re: Post Your Fanfiction Here (aka Pieces of Writings) 

Postby Gav » Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:56 am

Spoiler : MLP Fanfic :
MLP FIM Mock Season
Episode 1: The Apple Festival
Part 1: Fillydelphia Freedom

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, nor do I make the My Little Pony toys. This is a non-profit fan work.


Within 30 seconds of Granny Smith’s call, Applejack was outside and in line with Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom. Today was a very important day, a day where apple enthusiasts and farmers would gather from all over Equestria. Today was the first day of the Fillydelphia Apple Festival! Naturally, the Apple family made a huge deal about it every year.

Granny Smith was pacing back and forth in front of the rest of her immediate family, readying herself for the annual pep talk. She thought for a second, then began:

“NOW LISTEN UP, YOUNG’UNS! This year is the year that the AAAAPLE FAM’LY’S GONNA GIT IN GEAR AND WIN OURSELVES SOME BITS! Now these past years ain’t been goin’ so well, I know that. But THIS IS THE YEAR! Ah’ can feel it in all these here trees’ bones! SO WHAT’RE WE GONNA DO?”

“WE GET OURSELVES SOME BITS!” came the rousing reply.

“Good! Now get all yer gear down to the station now! I don’t wanna be late, and we ain’t gonna be late!” Granny Smith took off with her gear veeeery slowly while the others walked at a normal pace. It was about an hour until the train came to Ponyville, and Smith needed that extra hour.

It was about ten minutes until anyone said anything. It was Apple Bloom, who asked, “When will we get back to the farm?”
“In a few days, ah reckon. Maybe more,” came Applejack’s answer.
“How will the apples survive?”
“I got some friends to take care of it.”
“Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle? They cain’t harvest apples!”
“Ah know that, Apple Bloom! Naw, ah’m talkin about some o’ MY friends.”
“You mean like Pinkie and Fluttershy?”

Big Macintosh was a very strong stallion, even more so than the rest of his family, but even HE needed breaks once in a while. Applejack offered to carry his lone suitcase for the rest of the journey. The stallion denied this offer with a shake of his head. The Apples just kept on walking.


Pinkie Pie was setting up Sugarcube Corner for the day’s work, hanging signs and putting the plastic pastries in the display dispensers. She wasn’t expecting any customers for at least an hour - even the Cakes were still in bed! How could anypony stand it? However, an unexpected customer WAS at the door, and the Pinkie Sense kicked in at that moment. Pinkie Pie shouted, “You’re certainly unexpected today! Come right on in!”

The Apples “came right on in”. They were here to pick up rations for the trip in case one of the family got tired of so much apple pastry (Apple Bloom, of course). Applejack started off a conversation with a joyful “Well howdy Pinkie Pie! We’re just here to grab ourselves some snacks for the road.” Pinkie Pie responded with “You came at just the right time! The cakes are fresh out of the oven, and for being the first customers of the day, you get a free coffee/muffin combo!”


In the early morning, when all pegasi were sleeping - well, almost all pegasi - a cry rang out. A cry that would strike fear into anyone who heard it. It was the cry of one Ditzy Doo, nicknamed Derpy Hooves by her peers. “WHERE ARE MY MUUUUUFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS?!”


As the Apple family enjoyed their breakfast, Pinkie Pie knew what she had to do this year, something that she’d never, ever, ever, ever, EVER done before. She stepped near Granny Smith and pleaded, “OH PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU THIS YEAR OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEEEEEASE!”
“P- Oh, what was yer name again?”
“Pie Girl, we tell you every year that the Apple Festival is the biggest darn thing we do all year! It’s just not right to bring somepony who’s a master baker!”
“I promise I’ll just look and buy stuff from other vendors! I Pinkie Promise! Cross my heart and hope to-”

Pinkie burst out into a crying fit. Applejack gave her grandmother a questioning look, but she shook her head and sighed in sympathy at the mere thought of letting Pinkie come along. It was preposterous! As the Apple Family walked out of Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie Pie, with a look of determination, hurried up the stairs to a costume box...


Applejack stood near the window of the train as she watched Twilight Sparkle and her friends (minus Pinkie Pie, of course) wave to her family. Rainbow Dash was floating alongside the window, calling out something that sounded like “You forgot the Cloupldump-” with a regular interruption from the sounds and bumps of the train. The message never got through. Applejack was, as expected, quizzical, but brushed it off as something frivolous just after the train left. In fact, she couldn’t have known that what Rainbow Dash said was a warning for things to come...

It was about midnight when Big Macintosh was woken by a strange sound coming from Apple Bloom. The poor filly was having a strange dream or something, he figured, and the stallion tried to get back to sleep - until he noticed that Apple Bloom was sleepwalking. Macintosh, suspicious of this activity, got out of his bed and quietly tiptoed to his little sister, trying to wake her up. She just kept on walking, so, puzzled, Big Macintosh followed her.

Apple Bloom stopped walking when she reached the conductor’s car. The train was apparently moving on its own. Big Macintosh stepped into the car and saw his sister try to pilot the train. Oh no, she’s gonna wreck it! the stallion thought, and, with a note of apology, crashed right into the filly. THAT was when he noticed a magical field surrounding the car.

Bloom woke up to a loud creaking noise, the noise of separating train cars. Unprepared for this noise, she panicked and tried to jump back onto the train proper - at least, until Big Macintosh stopped her, as both cars would be heading for Fillydelphia anyway. As the car sped down the train track, both siblings speculated, but not to each other, at what unicorn could’ve done this.


“Granny, wake up! Big Mac and Apple Bloom ah’ gone!”


Applejack slowly lifted Granny Smith onto her feet. It took some time for the old mare to figure out what had happened, but when she did, she screamed, “RUN FOR THE HILLS! IT’S A HIJACK!” and started kicking randomly until her granddaughter calmed her. The pair peered at the opening in the train so they could get a fine understanding of what was going on. Unfortunately, this was hindered by all the other passengers reacting, some screaming, some running around aimlessly, some hyperventilating.

Applejack ran as fast as she could without falling off the train to its conductor, who knew nothing about the incident. The conductor was surprised to hear that there might’ve been passengers aboard the missing car, and immediately stopped the train - before realizing that the stopping mechanics were in the lost car. Whoops!


Twilight Sparkle mysteriously teleported into the missing car, shocking Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom. Without a word, she drove the train to connect with the car and teleported away. This feat left the siblings speechless, but happy. Apple Bloom cried “We’re safe!” in joy but her older sibling wondered “But how? Could Twilight really know...?” His thought, however, was interrupted by a fierce hug from Applejack. “What happened?” she asked him.

Big Macintosh’s story was very provocative, at least to Granny Smith, who immediately pointed out, “That’s one talented mare!” which was met with nods of acceptance and eye rolls. After some speculation (“Maybe she’s posessed!” “Crazy luck?” “Pinkie Sense!”) nobody was really getting anywhere. Besides, the conductor had just returned and had requested for everypony to go back to their cabins, which they did.

The next couple of hours passed in relative silence. It seemed like an entire day to the Apple Family. Finally, the train pulled in to Fillydelphia. There was a ton of stuff for the Apples to carry in, so ponies offered help out of generosity and sympathy for the incident. Everypony was buzzing at the chance to taste delicious apple treats at the 11th Annual Apple Festival. The hullabaloo allowed Apple Bloom to sneak in and view the competition.

Apple Bloom stepped into the Apple Festival Main Area, where she found Apple-themed regalia and decoration. The variety of everything was overwhelming, but one set caught her eye - and it wasn’t just because of the huge “APPLE STAGE SHOW” printed in big, friendly letters at the top. Twilight Sparkle was setting up! The filly dashed to meet her and hurriedly asked “Twi! How-”
“Go away, I’m busy!”
“But Twi-”
“Didn’t you hear me? I don’t want to be annoyed by an annoying filly like you!”

With that, the unicorn blasted Apple Bloom to the entrance of the Main Area with such force that she recoiled slightly, letting out a gasp and a stifled scream that sounded like “HE-” but with a cutoff. Apple Bloom started to sob and walked to the welcoming arms of her sister.

Applejack, after hearing the news, was skeptical, as anyone would be when they’d known Twilight Sparkle for so long. With a frown, she asked her sister “Are you sure you ain’t lyin’?”
“Of course I ain’t!”
“Well, ah’ll just have to see it to believe it! Sounds downright mean for her!”
“Come on, then, ah’ll show it to ya!”
“Hold up! You still need to-”

With a sigh, Applejack conceded and walked with her sister. Indeed, Twilight Sparkle was setting up for her Stage Show, and indeed, she batted the pair away just like she did to Apple Bloom. Twilight disappeared behind the curtain after this, leaving Apple Bloom on the verge of tears once again and Applejack almost in a state of catatonic shock. Granny Smith and Big Macintosh entered the main area and went to their spot, leaving the sisters an opportunity to tell what had happened.

Song: The Suspicion Song!
(song lyrics tentative)

Granny Smith seemed fazed by Twilight’s reject. After an hour or so, she got an idea. With great haste, she asked, “Will you go behind the stage and see what’s up?”
“Great! Report back, ya’ll hear?”

Behind the stage, Pinkie Pie lay in wait for the Apples. As they walked inside, she dropped down and cried, “Twilight’s gone! I saw her just disappear without magic or anything!” At this, Applejack cried, “What?! But ah thought she could only teleport with magic!”
“I guess something else pulled her away! My Pinkie Sense isn’t sensing anysense worth sensing over! Or sensething!” Pinkie sat down and thought about Twilight and her relationship to vamponies, but it looked like she was thinking very hard to the Apple Family. Eventually, she said, “AHA! I’VE GOT IT!”
“What? What is it?”
“Twilight must’ve been-”

At the same moment, Twilight Sparkle appeared with a look of great disgust on her face. She looked like she was about to blast them to smithereens, as her horn was tingling with power - but at the last minute, Princess Celestia came and snatched every member of the Apple Family plus Pinkie Pie, even Granny Smith, who was still outside, away.

The group ended up in Celestia’s throne room. Applejack glared at Pinkie Pie and Celestia in turn, like they were in on a trick or something. The look on Celestia’s face, however, told a different story entirely. She looked tired, as if she’d been scrounging for food and failed entirely. Her chest heaved, and her horn almost flopped. The entire Apple Family, nonetheless, was shocked with the force of which the princess said this:

“Twilight Sparkle is no longer my student. She has defected to the side of the Elements of Chaos, led by a being more evil than anything you’ve ever seen. His name is Vantilos.”

To be continued...
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Re: Post Your Fanfiction Here (aka Pieces of Writings) 

Postby DLA » Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:16 am

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The Final but not so ending chapter.
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Re: Post Your Fanfiction Here (aka Pieces of Writings) 

Postby energizerspark » Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:22 pm

Spoiler : Spoilered to hide the terribleness :
IT CAME FROM SPACE! (AKA: The Plan 9 From Outer Space of literature)
By Energizerman

It was an ordinary day. Birds were singing. Smoke was coming out of the chimneys. I was in bed when I heard a shrill voice. "GET UP!" It was my mum's.
I paced my way down the stairs. The shouting was getting louder. "Do you know what time it is?"
"7 o'clock?"
"Yes! Get ready for school!"
I reluctantly made my way to the bathroom. I opened the door.
"SUPRISE!!!!" It was my dad. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Then I remembered. I was 15 today. I went downstairs. My mum was smiling like the cat that ate the cream. "Do I still have to go school?" I asked.
"It's the summer holiday!" she exclaimed. I remembered that as well. I turned on the TV. The Olympics were on. Dad rushed downstairs.
"Oh, the Olympics are on? I'm betting on USA to win the swimming."
I changed the channel to the news. The weather was on. "Hey mum, there's a big storm outside." I told her.

I went up to my room and played Tetris on my computer. The screen went all fuzzy. I turned it off and went outside. The satellite dish was in 3 pieces on the ground. I ran in.
"Darren, Joanne's coming over."
"Yes, mother." I replied sarcastically. Joanne was 16 years old. I had a thing against her ever since we were in Year 6, when she spilled paint all over my new t-shirt.
"Mum, the satellite dish in in 3 pieces on the ground."
"No wonder I can't see the award ceremony!" Dad shouted from the living room. The door opened.
"Co-ee! It's only me!"
"Oh, brother." I said unenthusiastically.
"I hope you don't mind if I sleep over for a while. My house got struck by lightning." Joanne said.
"How long do you have to stay?" Dad asked. "Because I don't want to share my bed for 3 months."
"Oh, don't worry, I packed my sleeping bag." Joanne replied.

3 weeks passed, and Joanne and I started to settle our diffeerences. When you get used to her, you see her light side. Anyway, we were watching a film rated 18, which was OK with Mum and Dad, because me and Joanne were almost 18. It was a film about aliens that come to earth. I had a nightmare that aliens did come to earth. But I had no idea that dream would come true.
5 weeks into the holiday, we went on a vacation to Washington DC. We went on a White House tour and boy, are they expensive! We stayed in this fancy hotel. Life in America is difficult. I coudn't work out how dollars work. We went to look at the Hollywood sign. Dad went up the hill to take a picture and sirens went off. Luckily, the policemen didn't arrest him because he didn't know about it.
When we got back it was very late. It took Joanne and I a while to get settles back in. It was dark. We had a look around. Suddenly, there was a click, and green lights appeared. There was a loud humming noise, and a huge downdraft. I almost got blown away! A big black blotch with little white sqaures appeared. I imagined the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme in my head. Part of it fell down, and we were blinded by light. A little humanoid shape appeared. Joanne fainted. I was almost deafened.

The humanoid got bigger. His body features came into shape. He looked like a human. He was wearing a silver suit, and he had bleached blonde hair.
"Halt! Do not move!"
"Where do you come from and what do you want?" I asked.
"We are citizens of the planet Omnicron 6! Our mission is to mine the core out of the earth!"
Another humanoid came out. He was noticeably smaller. "Terrain good. No toxic gases in the air. 25% rock, 75% water. It's perfect for mining!"
"Wait a minute!" I shouted. Even though I didn't have an average grade, I still paid attention in science class. "If you mine out the core, the earth's rotation will stop, and will implode!"
"Exactly. That is why we are doing it." Joanne regained consciousness. "Oh, my head- what?! What's going on?"
"I'm afraid we'll have to take you and your friend for experiments."

Hours passed, and Joanne and I were experimented on. Unbeknownst to us, Mum was putting MISSING posters up.
"Everything in this place is high-tech. Like, Star Trek high-tech, if you know what I mean." Joanne told me. "Oh really, I didn't notice." I said sarcastically.
"Now, you will do jobs for us if you want to come back alive. Do all the jobs on this list before sunup, and you'll be lucky. But don't touch any of the controls."
We did all the jobs, and it seemed like forever. We were sleeping in the hoverbeds, when we were woken up by Big Bleachy.
"Sleeping on the job, huh. I'll learn you. Commander X, set destination to Omnicron 6!" Meanwhile, Mum was on TV, sending a request.
"If you have seen these teens, please contact 0436 722 396." Now, back to us.
Little Blondie was being shouted at by Big Bleachy.
"...And if the human's don't do that, we shall execute them!"
"Y-yes sir." Little Blondie stammered. Luckily I was eavesdropping. (Yes, I know you're not supposed to eavesdrop, but this was a serious case.) I ran back to the sleeping room, where Joanne had made a trip to the land of Nod in midair (Laws of physics, anybody?) She woke up.
"Hi! Want to know how I'm doing this-"
"Don't have time! The aliens are going to make us do something, and if we don't we'll get executed!"
Joanne fainted again. She fell from midair, and landed on her face. (Ouch town, population 1. Joanne.)

Little Blondie came in. "Earthlings, I've got a job for you. It requires endurance, skill, and knowledge."
That sums me up. "I'll do it."
"You must both do it."
"Oh joy." I muttered. Joanne came to. She had broken her nose, and she had a bump on her forehead.
"Both do what?" (But because she had a broken nose, it sounded something like "Doth do hat?")
"Our warp drive has packed up. You 2 need to fix it. A word of warning, once you fix the warp drive, get in as quick as you can."
We went outside in the space suits (terribly uncomfortable) and tried to fix it. Space is weird. Everything is very light. We fixed it in a few minutes. As soon as we got in, we went in to warp. In seconds we got to Omnicron 6. It was very high up, and very hi-tech. We went into a building which was a conference building. Then we were locked in a little prison.
"This is your fault." Joanne said to me.

I noticed an air vent. "I think we can get out through there.
"Think? Let's go!"
I don't quite know how Zack and Cody manage to do it, but we managed to squeeze into it. Air vents are big mazes. So what if there's a little fluff? It's only fluff. We didn't know where we were going. While we were making our escape, we were talking about stuff.
"Remember in Year 3 when I got my tounge stuck to that lamp post?" Joanne recalled. The we fell. We fell into something that looked like a bomb room. It was a bomb room. In the middle was what looked like a giant drill.
"Is that a giant drill?" I asked Joanne.
"Hooray, you worked it out. I'll put you on the cover of Big Whoop magazine." she replied.
I felt a sudden jolt. Next thing I knew, were on Earth. The drill started drilling.

"No! I shouted. I got the aliens' attention.
"Uh,oh." I whispered in a teeny tiny voice. I backed up. I hit a button. The self distruct button.
"Oh, now you've done it!" Joanne said. I muttered a very rude word under my breath.
"Set course back to Omnicron 6!" an alien shouted. "We have to get out before this thing goes back to Onicron or whatever." Joanne told me. "Tell me something I didn't know!" I shouted.
We started sprinting. I heard the engine. Every hallway there was a timer that counted. A mechanical voice said "Explosion in 5....4...."
"We have to make it to the exit!" Joanne shouted. I saw light. The exit. "RUN!!!!!" I screamed. We got out just in time. The spacecraft ascended. I disappeared. There there was a loud BBBBBOOOMMMM!!!!! as it exploded. I opened the door. Mum ran to greet us.
"You're safe! Where were you?"
"Oh, nowhere." I replied.
"Who wants dinner? I've made sausages!" Mum said.
"I hope they're vegetarian." Joanne said.
I gave a smile.


...Yeah. That is EXACTLY how it was written. Feel free to mock it.
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Re: Post Your Fanfiction Here (aka Pieces of Writings) 

Postby Edgeworth1001 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:06 pm

Spoiler : My fanfiction so far :
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Re: Post Your Fanfiction Here (aka Pieces of Writings) 

Postby DKJustice1 » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:36 am

[u]The classic turnabout.[/u

Location Edgeworth office:

After a brief spell Edgeworth had paused outside the door, it was as if he was reluctant to enter this room again.
' Come one.' He told himself it will be fine this time. Turning the key in the lock 'click'; pausing before placing a hand on the door handle.

The door swung open: Glancing around he stepped in they had even managed to find a replacement tea set.

" Phew."

It was time for a break: the new Classical Hall call .. Waterfall Concert hall. had been built.

Yawning he opened his window and smiled that floating relaxing sound coming from that place: It was just the mood he needed a gentle melody floated softly on the breeze.

Yawning he turn he attention back to the tea set:

" Maybe I can have a peaceful evening.."

He convinced himself tapping his forearm of his left arm, Settling down on the sofa straitening out his cravat; He was about to take the first sip when crash a sound could be heard. Glancing over to the window the melody faltered a little but carried on.

He raised his cup to his lips and sipped the warm liquid flowed down his throat; but Crash again and then a sound that caused him to choke on his tea. He noticed the music was stopped there was no sound..
a sharp shrill noise cut the atmosphere like a sharp blade. A cold chill made it's way done his back.

Then he sniffed the air rushing to the window he listened.. why had the music stopped and why could he smell.
A far too familiar smell.

Sirens appeared from the distance: Startled Edgeworth dropped his cup

He had realised what that smell was blood.
His tea cup shattered in pieces and turning to the left he rubbed his arm, why this now?

Another crimson stain on the imperfect world annoyed he sat behind his desk waiting. Maybe they wouldn't need him.

Then a loud knock on his door and a familiar face rushed in.

" Mr Edgeworth you have been requested Pal."

Concealing a Yawn and a long sigh he looked up.. Noticing Gumshoes was out of breath logic told him.

" You've ran hear Detective."

" Yes Pal, you've got to come."

He let a little Yawn out stood up and brushed of his crimson suit and made sure his ruffles were neat checked his hair in the mirror provided.

Glaring at the detective as he knew he was about to say something stupid. Gumshoe's looked down.

The concert hall loomed up at them running like hell Edgeworth had to keep up with the detective.

His body ached with tiredness: his breath heavy:

" *Pant* *Wheeze* Slow down *Wheeze detective."

" Uh Sorry pal no time!"

Glancing up at the sun in this heat he had to be kidding but it wasn't to be by the time they got there: Gumshoe's face fell...

By the time he reach the entrance: His whole body felt stiff taking a few seconds to compose himself it was luckily it was not sticky sweaty hotness.

However, he had to admit he was overdressed but he looked good.
Edgeworth smiled to himself as he noticed a familiar sound

Munch Munch Munch,

That had to be Detective Ema Skye; she appeared:

Munch Munch Munch MUNCH MUNCH!!!

She was really having a great time stuffing them in. Snackoos he groaned
it was clear from her manner and her munching that it would be him in the firing line. Sure enough one came his way.

" ACK! Ema my Cravat!"

He paused looked back at her.

" So what's happened?"

He just had another Snackoo come at him, as Ema hurried off down the corridor Edgeworth followed again having to run or walk briskly.

His aching body screamed in pain.

Ema was watching him with a smirk on her face,

" Get old Edgeworth are we."

" Jet lag."

He replied Ema chuckled at lease it wasn't one of those Snackoos because they hurt.

" Take a look for yourself Mr Edgeworth we need you brain on this one."

Unsure whether to take it as an insult or a compliment he glanced at Detective Skye who was back on her Snackoos he sighed and entered the room. The smell hit him..

The audience was stunned and the orchestra has stopped frozen.

Edgeworth looked down and winced: Walking slowly up to where the conductor lay he beckoned the two detective in. Kneeling down
they watched his face. It paled considerably the pose was far too odd.
it was as if he was frozen in time.
Touching the conductor he checked for a pulse there was nothing.

Logic click in and he moved back startled;

" Good Lord!"

He stared at the face, it seemed like his.. exactly like his.
Logic failed him:

" W-Who is he?"

He was handed a card.

Marcus Edgeworth.

Ema Skye smiled seeing Miles flustered was a new thing:

" I have already checked the database of DNA from your knife to Marcus here."

She paused for about five minuets.

" It was a identical Match, Marcus is your brother."

Falling backward Edgworth found himself on his bottom seeing the audience smirk.
He stood back up this was just far too creepy for his liking.

He needed the cup of tea more than ever,

" My father never mention a brother."

There was a silence... He rubbed his arm...

" A-Anyway he is clearly dead."

He winced a little to blunt for his liking.

The orchestra member screamed one fainted!
Panic took over the audience knocking Edgeworth over..

Gumshoe's and Ema blocked the door.

Edgeworth shouted and silence resumed
" No one is allowed to go!"

Standing up slowly wincing a little as he did so.
He wanted to run but he had a job to do who was this
Marcus Edgeworth could he really have a twin brother.

Was that even possible?
Glancing down at the face he felt himself shiver, fate was so fickle that face just like his?

He suddenly felt uncomfortable:

" Sir he was also a prosecutor in his spare time:"

So this was the other M Edgeworth he had heard about his brother;
finding a picture he saw his father Greggory Edgeworth it was true.
This was his twin brother.
The suit Marcus had on was very nearly the same as his only the ruffles were damaged.

Staggering back himself dropping the photo. He found himself on the floor.. Hold it together Miles.. Hold it together.

Why hadn't they told him?

Now he had found out he had a twin!!!!

Edgeworth remained on the floor for a while. He was closing his eyes the burning he felt stung. His mind raced

His heart beat quickened; The burning stung sharper.. Miles keep calm for goodness sake but it was too late
it was his scream that cut through the silence.

Detective Gumshoe's glanced at Mr Edgeworth and so did the audience, It was a pose they had never seen before Mr Edgeworth had
on hand over his face another tightly gripping his cravat.

" Edgeworth Sir Pal...?"

He remained in that pose for a minuet and lowering his head he stood up slowly walking the window
Detective Ema Skye had stopped munching and was watching him will mild interest;

" ...Mr Edgeworth is everything alright?"

She heard only the squally rain for answer as Mr Edgeworth returned to the person on the floor;

" I think we better leave him alone for a bit.."

Edgeworth head nodded slowly as he hand reached into his crimson coat pocket he head footsteps and the outer door click.
He stared at the face. The fire behind the eyes was getting sharp and feeling himself grimace.

Pulling out a clean white unused hanky: staring at it till it blurred Letting out a shaky sigh Edgeworth looked around before
dabbing his eyes. He needed that tea: He needed a walk but for some reason: it was like a hand was holding him there..
the twin, the hole he could not fill it all fitted and it was perfectly logical.

Even he had been ' blind to the truth' his very own words had come back to haunted him, dragged himself away he walking quickly out of the doors passed the two waiting detective and into the restaurant, Sitting in the corner table staring at the tea, Ema and Gumshoe approached watching him closely.

Edgeworth hands picked up the cup, it clatter noisily against the saucers: He put it down again not look up once shifted his body and
tried again... shoving his shaking hands into his pocket he felt the burning pain return. No only that he muffled what sounded like
a sob..

Ema and Gumshoe's glanced at each other and then back to Mr Edgeworth who had managed to take a sip of tea...he then picked up the cup and stared at it..

Finally Mr Edgeworth raised his head and both draw in a sharp intake of breath..

Burring his head in his clean white hanky.. Edgeworth fled that room, his shaky gulps echoed around him.
Ema and Gumshoe stared after him. It was clear they had a second victim Mr Edgeworth glanced back.

They followed quickly:

" I can not do this...Not now."

Edgeworth looked startled at the change in tone of his voice, Gumshoe's turned away...

" We understand pal... far too well pal."

Edgeworth stared at the detective and he let the hanky hang for a bit while tears cascaded down his eyes
Unseen pain. Forgotten as he flees into the streets:

" Edgeworth!!!"

" Let him go Detective.."

Gumshoe's stares out into the rain street and turns and returns inside. Nothing needs to be said he turns and walk out.
Ema's Munching resumes:

Meanwhile hiding behind a bus stop Edgeworth sinks to the ground the rain drips down his neck and off his hair but at least
tears can be hidden here unseen. How could his father do this?

Why not tell him: he had a twin. Edgeworth held something in his hand a letter.. he had to get the safety of his office..
but that meant walking past the elevator... the coldness crept over him:
[size=85]Ace Attorney Poem.

What a crime is done.
Gumshoe's has come.
His name is Dick.
It's a point and click.

To find a clue
or maybe a few.
To made your point of view.

In the trial
where every one stares
the judge does glare.

Objections fly from everywhere![/size]
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Re: Post Your Fanfiction Here (aka Pieces of Writings) 

Postby Ferdielance » Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:19 am

Mini-fic written in response to an anonymous request for something fitting a recent Internet meme.

Spoiler : The Decisive Evidence :
The Decisive Evidence

The body lay in a field of ice, and, as if to remind Miles Edgeworth that he always got the tough cases, there were no footprints leading towards or away from it. It was frozen solid, which might have been part of a murder scheme, or might have been the natural consequence of being up on this frigid mountain in a bathing suit. In spite of the trauma, it was possible to identify the man.

He'd vanished while on a camping trip over a hundred miles away.

"Um," muttered Gumshoe, "do you think he was going to the beach but got... really lost?"

Piece by piece, the logic clicked together in Edgeworth's mind. The bathing suit. The lack of footprints. And the forest fires...

"No," said Edgeworth. "No footprints. I can see only one explanation for this, but we'll need to get someone to analyze this snow. Ms. Skye."

"Yes, sir!" Ema pushed her way past Gumshoe to a position of relative prominence.

"As cold as it's been up here, the weather has been dry on the other side of this mountain's rain-shadow. You may recall the forest fires earlier this week."

"But what's that got to do with the body?"

"As this man's attire shows... he was swimming. I propose that an aerial firefighting plane swooped low over a lake to refill its tanks, and accidentally carried our victim to his death. En route to the blaze, the pilot learned that his water wouldn't be needed, so he jettisoned it all to save fuel... leaving the corpse here."

"That... would explain it," said Ema. "Do you want me to try and prove this snow actually came from a freshwater lake, and not from a cloud?"

"That would be helpful, yes. Of course, the water in clouds presumably comes from lakes and oceans as well, so I can't see how you'd chemically distinguish it."

Inspiration struck. "Huh," said Ema. "I've got an idea... let me get out the field scope."

She grabbed a packing crate from the van, painstakingly set up her entirely unauthorized field forensics station, and began to prep slides, letting pieces of ice from around the body melt onto the glass one at a time, warmed by her body heat. Then she stained each slide with a tiny drop of methylene blue and started squinting through the scope.

"What, exactly, are you looking for?" asked Edgeworth.

"If what you said is true... then there's a chance some protozoa got sucked up with the water and just might be intact enough to see. They'd have frozen pretty fast as the water drops fell... No, nothing here... wait, wait, there it is! Look, it's beautiful!"

She waved Edgeworth over to look at the half-mangled specimen, a long, thin, tube with five tendrils radiating from one end.

"What on earth is that?" asked Edgeworth.

"Hail hydra!"
"A slow sort of country!" said the Queen. "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"
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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Yugioh Style 

Postby AtemLover24 » Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:07 pm

File 01: Prologue

November 30th, 1:00am

Domino City

?: Time - to - die.

Alyssa: Huh ?


Alyssa: Nooo.. [Fades to blackscreen]

November 30th, 8:00am

Wright & Co. Law Offices

Phoenix: [sighs] It's another day, and I haven't had any murder trials within the past few weeks.


Maya: Hiya Nick! Good morning!

Phoenix: Ahh.. (I wish she wouldn't do that) Hi Maya.

Maya: Nick. We just got a fax that we need to defend another pony.

Phoenix: Uh? Huh?

Maya: Yeah. There was a murder in another realm.

Phoenix: (Another murder... great.. but in another planet, This should be fun) Uh Maya ?

Maya: Yes Nick ?

Phoenix: What realm is it ?

Maya: A realm where they use playing cards for dueling. I think the name of this realm was Yu-gi-oh.

Phoenix: (Hah. What a weird name for such a place.) Could I see that fax Maya ?

[Fax was added to the court record]

[Pic of Alyssa Muto with a bloody knife in her hoof]

Phoenix: Alyssa Muto, she was seen standing over her husband body, with a dagger covered in his blood. When her sister-in-law Tea came in the room, she saw Alyssa covered in blood. With her husband lying on the floor... dead.

Maya: We better go to the Detention Center to talk to our client.

Phoenix: Let's go.


[Detention Center]

November 30th, 9:00am,

Detention Center

Vistor's room

Alyssa: ...

Maya: ...

Phoenix: ... Um. Ms Alyssa.


[Alyssa looks at Phoenix]

Alyssa: [weeps] I can't believe my husband's dead.

Phoenix: ...

Alyssa: Who are you ?

[Court Record]

[Defense Attorney's Badge]

Alyssa: Oh, that's an attorney's badge.

Phoenix: Yes. My name is Phoenix Wright, and I will be your apointed defense attorney for your upcoming court trial.

Alyssa: I knew you were going to be my lawyer.


Phoenix: Wait. You "knew" I was going to be your lawyer.

Alyssa: Yes. I heard all about your famous victorys.

Examine. Move.

Talk. Present.

[You choose talk]

[The night of the murder]

Phoenix: So tell us, what happen on the night of the murder.

Alyssa: ...

Maya: Alyssa ?


Phoenix: I think we need some more light on the subject. Let's go investigate the crime scene.

Maya: Let's go Nick.


November 30th,10:00am

Domino City

[Domino City - Alyssa's and her husband's house]

Maya: This is a really nice house.

Phoenix: Yeah. It sure is.


Phoenix: I know that yell from anywhere.

[Shows Dick Gumshoe]

Phoenix: It's just us.

Gumshoe: Oh hay pal, long time no see.

Maya: We came to investigate.

Gumshoe: Okay pal. If you need any new information, don't hastate to ask.

Examine. Move.

Talk. Present.

[You choose Examine]

[You clicked on the murder weapon]

Phoenix: This is the murder weapon.

Maya: And there is the victim's blood.

Phoenix: We need to keep this for evidence.

[Knife was added to the court record]

[You examine the note that's on the table]

Phoenix: Hay, there's a note on the table.

Maya: It says "Dear Alyssa," Looks like I'm the pharaoh now"

[Note was added to the court record]

Phoenix: We need to keep looking, there's got to be more clues to this.


[You examine the body]

Maya: So this is her husband. Huh. Nick, look at this.

Phoenix: There are 2 stab wounds one of the knife and the other of somthing else. But, what could it be ?

Maya: Let's go back and talk to Alyssa.


November 30th, 1:00pm

Detention Center.

Alyssa: ...

Phoenix: [clears his throat to get her attention]

Alyssa: [sad] Oh. It's you.


[About your relationship]

Phoenix: How close where you to your husband ?

Alyssa: Him and I were really close. We had no arguments. Our marriage was perfect.

[Psych Lock time]

[Chains appears with 2 locks]

To Be Continued...
Part 2

[shows Millennium Rod]

[Phoenix "Take That" soundclip]

Phoenix: This rod...


Phoenix: This IS the rod that kill your husband, right ?

Alyssa: Ah... um...

Phoenix: And the end of the rod, there was a dagger isn't it ?

Alyssa: Y-yes...

Phoenix: What's this ? It's the dagger isn't it ? There's a few blood stones on the rod...

Alyssa: Um... Please don't tease me...

Phoenix: Alyssa, you did murder you're own husband, didn't you ?

Alyssa: ...

Phoenix: Is this one of your Millennium Items, right ? And if the whole family found out, they'd get really mad, huh ?

Alyssa: ...

Phoenix: [in thought: She doesn't seem to be fighting back... I think I hit the bull's eye this time. But it's strange that the locks hasn't broken yet.]


[Profile Picture: Dark Marik]

[Phoenix "Take That" soundclip]

Alyssa: I-It's... It's him, isn't it ?

Phoenix: Eh?

Alyssa: This stallion was the real killer.

Phoenix: [in thought: Her voice is shaking...] Who IS this "real killer" ?

Alyssa: Eh ? It was Marik.

Phoenix: Who ? How do you know this killer ? Do you know ?

Alyssa: Marik. He was the evil bad stallion of the Yugioh realm. Along with Seto Kaiba, but he was more of an ass then evil. No, I wasn't aware of this.

Phoenix: You mean you weren't aware of the killing. You were discovered at the scene of the crime "with" the murder weapon "in your hoof"

Alyssa: [gasps] You still believe I did it.

Phoenix: Well; yeah.

Alyssa: I didn't do it!

Phoenix: There's something you're not telling me Ms. Alyssa. Fess up.

[2 locks shattered]

[Chains disappeared]

[Unlock successful]

- About Your Relationship -

Alyssa: During Yugioh seasons 3,4; there was a time that Ishizu's young brother Marik who had a hatred toward my husband; all because he didn't want to go through his tomb keeper initiation. Marik's hatred grew and grew, until it developed into his darker half. After Marik's darker half emerged; he tryed to purse and kill the Pharaoh which was my husband.

Phoenix: Sorry to interupt, but what is a royal tomb keeper ?

Alyssa: A tomb keeper is somepony who serves under the Pharaoh.

Phoenix: Continue.

Alyssa: The dark half would do anything to get what he wants. That would include mind-control his family or friends. Even threaten to kill. One day I was at home, cleaning, and saw the Millennium Rod on the bed. I went to pick it up. That's when it happened; it fell like I was under Marik's mind-control. Marik controled my body to take the rod, use the dagger part of the rod, to stab the Pharaoh.

Phoenix: What was his motive ?

Alyssa: Marik's goal is to become the new Pharaoh of Egypt. And if I didn't go along with his plan, he will kill anypony who comes in contact with me. Including our foals [sobs]. There was also a last expection included in with the murder, I was to become his evil queen as he ruled Eygpt.

Phoenix: [in though: This doesn't look good on my lawyer record]

Alyssa: I told you who killed my husband, what more do you want!

Phoenix: I need one mere piece of information. Let's go back to Domino Maya.

Maya: Ok.


[Alyssa's & Atem's House]

November 30th, 3:00pm

Domino City

Alyssa's & Atem House

Phoenix: I guess Dick Gumshoe hasn't rapped up his end of the investigation yet.

[Yugi appears]

Phoenix: Hi, are you one of Alyssa's family members ?

Yugi: Yes. Who are you ?

Phoenix: Oh... my name is Phoenix. Phoenix Wright.

Maya: And I'm Maya.

Yugi: I'm Yugi Muto, nice to meet you.



Phoenix: What relations do you have with Alyssa ?

Yugi: Brother-in-law.

Phoenix: What kind of pony was Alyssa ?

Yugi: Well, lately she's been acting; well; strange. Seaking out of the house a lot. Not spending time with the family.

Phoenix: Thank you Yugi. I will use this brand new infomation for her court trial tomorrow.

Yugi: [surprised] Wait! Court trial ?!

Phoenix: Yes. She was arrested for her husband's murder. And I'm her appointed lawyer.

Yugi: [sarcastic] You've got to be kidding me.

Phoenix: The trial is at 2:00pm tomorrow, if you want to come to the trial, feel free.

Yugi: Thank you.

November 31th, 1:59pm

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 1

Yugi: Alyssa.

Alyssa: Oh.. Yugi. You came.

Yugi: We're family, and that's all that matters now. I've told the rest of the family about the situation. All of us thinks your not guilty. We all came to support you. No matter what the outcome.

Alyssa: [looking down, whispers] Thanks.

Phoenix: I just want to ask you 1 last time. It really wasn't you who killed your husband, correct ?

Alyssa: [honest] No, it wasn't. I leave it in your hooves Phoenix.

Phoenix: Very well. I have your honesty Ms. Alyssa.

Officer: Will the defentend and her lawyer, please enter the courtroom!

[Alyssa, Phoenix and Maya walks into the courtroom]

Yugi: Good luck Alyssa!

Alyssa: [in though: I'm gonna need luck]

November 31th, 2:00pm

District Court

Courtroom No. 4

[Inside the courtroom]

[Ponies talking soundclip]

[Judges gavel smack soundclip]

Judge: Court is now is session for the trial of Alyssa Muto.

Phoenix: The defense is ready, your honor.

Godot: ... Aaah, better!

Phoenix: Godot is in on this trial too.

Godot: Tright, we meet again.

Phoenix: You calling me that name is getting pretty old.

Godot: I want my victory this time, Tright. [takes a sip of coffee]

Phoenix: [sighs] Let's just get started please, your honor.

Judge: Now then Mr. Godot, please summon your first witness.

[Tea Muto in the witness stand]

Godot: Let's start with the basics, shall we ? Name and Occupation ?

Tea: My name is Tea Muto and I'm a duelist.

Godot: Witness, tell to the court you're testimony about the day of the murder.

Tea: Okay.

[Witness Testimony soundclip]

Witness Testimony - The Murder


-It was about 4:15 in the evening, I was playing with Alyssa's & Atem's two foals Ash and Misty.

-When I heard a strange noise coming from upstairs, I went up to check on the noise, and to my surprise I see Alyssa with the Millennium Rod.

-Then I spotted on the floor was Atem... dead.

-The end of the Millennium Rod was converted into a dagger, with blood on it.

-Alyssa hears me in the doorway, but when Alyssa turned around. I saw her eye were blank.

-It was like she wasn't herself, almost mind-control like.

-So I ran downstairs, called the police, grabbed Ash&Misty and ran out the door.

-I didn't want to take the chance of Alyssa going after her own kids. Not like that.

[End Of Testimony]

Judge: Hmm...

Godot: Well, there you have it, your honor. There is really no point -

[Phoenix's "Objection" soundclip]

Phoenix: During my investigation, I found this note at the crime scene. It says "Looks I'm the Pharaoh now."

[Godot "Objection" soundclip]

Godot: That note could have be written by anypony in that house, it couldn't have just appeared on the table by magic.

Phoenix: Magic is not real, come on
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