Shelvington Academy (Slice of Life RP): NEW DAY

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Re: Shelvington Academy (Slice of Life RP): NEW DAY 

Postby Sleuth » Wed May 15, 2019 10:38 am

The Camping Store:

God this was embarrassing-- First, Literally Everything That Happened Before Class happened, and now she'd come here and now, this kid was showing her up by buying the knife for her!! On top of not being able to pay back Kris for the hat... This was horrible.

Isis opened her mouth to protest as Kris handed her the knife. But at the same time, something told her that wasn't going to be of any use-- Kris seemed like they wouldn't let her, and she had no idea what Kyouji would do. If she took it, she was going to owe him (in her own mind, at least).

But she was already this far in. Isis's urge to keep fighting this battle died out, and she closed her mouth into a sigh, before taking the knife.

"Th... Thanks." She managed to grunt out.

As soon as the smooth steel touched her skin, however, her eyes suddenly lit up-- She gently opened the blade, running a finger along the edge. oh my god is this what love feels like? Isis thought, transfixed, before closing the blade. Then opening it. Then closing it. Then opening. Open. Close. Open. Close. Why was that so satisfying??

She continued to stare into the blade-- Until she caught sight of Kris and Kyouji in the reflection of the blade, and remembered that she existed in reality. Slowly, she pocketed the knife, then straightened her tie and flicked her ponytail as if she hadn't just dissociated for a solid few seconds.

"Um. Yeah. Great. I... I think I'm done here, then." Isis said, looking around. "I should... get some other stuff for camp. Clothes! That's right..."

She ran a hand through her ponytail dramatically. "You know where a gay girl can get some flannel around here?"
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Re: Shelvington Academy (Slice of Life RP): NEW DAY 

Postby GuardianDreamer » Thu May 16, 2019 4:12 am

Store Camp

"You're welcome, Isis!" Kyouji excitedly said, Isis' sour mood apparently being completely lost to him. To be completely fair to him, Isis was immediately enthused by the knife, but it was still a sudden mood shift that he probably should have noticed.

Kris thought over Isis' question carefully. In truth, the selection of stores made it difficult to recommend just one, but Kris, Kyouji, and Isis were now bonded through the power of the rainbow, knowingly or not. So, Kris decided to look for the rainbow.

Kris then stepped out and looked to their left, during which they immediately saw a giant store that was all the colors of the rainbow, prominently had clothing on display that said 'I'm gay', and was named 'Rainbow Road', which sounded like copyright infringement. The store's logo was also a unicorn. The store had several entrances, each one themed after a different pride flag.

They blinked.

"I get the feeling you'll find what you're looking for over there. Call it a hunch."
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Re: Shelvington Academy (Slice of Life RP): NEW DAY 

Postby lazyplague » Thu May 16, 2019 4:36 am

chouko says the word heterosexual very loudly
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