[RP] Fate/End Dusk (IC Thread - Game 2)

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Re: [RP] Fate/End Dusk (IC Thread - Game 2) 

Message par Sleuth » Jeu Avr 28, 2016 12:14 pm

So this is your true pow-- OH CRAP

The gust of wind hit Lancer like a cruise liner to the chest, plowing him clear across the establishment-- The hearty winds picked up flecks of debris and spilled drinks, spattering them against his mighty body. He licked a splotch of pina colada from the air as it flew by, his sweet tooth still guiding him even in the heat of battle.

Alright, yeah! Now THIS was more like it! The MMA street fight was over, now came the powers. Lancer could hardly wait as he began to coat himself in more and more scales. As a secondary attribute of a shark's dermal denticles, the scales would also allow a more streamlined movement through the water, cutting through it more effectively-- And while air and water weren't quite the same thing, it definitely helped more than less. As the shark scales spread over Lancer's body, he ripped open his shirt down the center, quickly coating his abs and chest in more streamlining scales. He slowly began to advance against the raging winds, batting aside more debris as he stormed ever closer. He seemed now more animal than man.

"Pretty impressive! I'm BLOWN AWAY by your wind powers!" Lancer called out, "But to me, this is naught but a summer breeze!"

With that, he lowered his body to the ground, running through the winds towards Saber, zigzagging as he went-- The winds pushed against him, but like a salmon swimming upstream, he kept coming, all the same, trying to make his movements hard to read before the strike.
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