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Postby Mono » Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:05 pm

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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Providence 

Postby Bad Player » Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:51 pm

Username: </3
Name: Richard
Age: 30s
Gender/Sex: M
Class: Merc
Appearance: i'll do it later
Faction: terran
Personality: i'll do it later
Backstory: i'll do it later
Recruitment Method: i guess join at start since i have no idea who/what this "guild" is and what they're trying to do

Growth rates:
HP: 105%
Strength: 60%
Magic: 10%
Skill: 65%
Speed: 50%
Luck: 45%
Defense: 50%
Resistance: 15%
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Providence 

Postby songotenman » Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:03 pm

Primary Character
Spoiler : :
Username: songotenman
Name: Garlen
Age: 22
Gender/Sex: Male
Class: Myrmidion
Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, green shirt, brown pants, minor amounts of armor, and a red cape
Faction: Illine
Personality: While Garlen is not a bad guy, he is quite egotistical, and he tends to make himself sound greater than he really is.
Backstory: Garlen was born to a wealthy family in Illithyia. He started training with a sword at the young age of 7, and ever since he turned 10, he has never lost a single battle. He continued training and participating until he became the best swordfighter in all the lands.

At least that's what he wants you believe. You see, while Garlen is still a great swordsman, he is nowhere near as amazing as he claims. He has a tendency to overexaggerate his wins and forget about his losses.
He travelled to Terburg to participate in tournaments, and he joined the Terburg Resistance looking for a new way to show off his skills.

Recruitment Method: Join at the start.

Growth rates:

HP: 80%
Strength: 55%
Magic: 20%
Skill: 75%
Speed: 75%
Luck: 55%
Defense: 30%
Resistance: 25%

Secondary Character:
Spoiler : :
Username: also songotenman
Name: Charlotte
Age: 18
Gender/Sex: Female
Class: Mage
Appearance: Auburn hair, red eyes, black robes and cloak.
Faction: Terran
Personality: Charlotte is a kind girl who is very polite. She likes to pick flowers and sing songs. Then she enters battle. In battle, Charlotte becomes a raging psycopath who will shoot magic left and right trying to hit her enemy, all while yelling all the battlecries she can think of.
Backstory: Charlotte is the youngest of seven children born to two powerful mages in Raglus. While most of her siblings accomplished great magical feats at young ages, Charlotte never really proved to be as great with magic. This lead to her entire family ignoring her, and made her very lonely.
But when Charlotte turned 13 she killed her first person. She killed a man who was mugging her in an alley, and there, right before she killed him, his full attention was on her. This made her want to kill more people so she could gain their full attention once again. Killing became her euphoria. She does not care who she fights for, she just wants to be able to kill.
Recruitment Method: Enemy Npc. Will join when talked to.

Growth rates:

HP: 65%
Strength: 15%
Magic: 65%
Skill: 60%
Speed: 60%
Luck: 50%
Defense: 25%
Resistance: 40%
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Providence 

Postby spd12 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:28 am

EDIT: Game's off, it appears.
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Providence 

Postby Sleuth » Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:17 pm

here's my app

Spoiler : :
Username: GRAND DAD
Name: Spriggan
Age: 30s
Gender/Sex: Male
Class: Dread Fighter
Appearance: There's something immediately not right about this man. His eyes are constantly glazed over and he wears a dopey grin on his face. His hair is long and unkempt like a lion's mane, and is a dark crimson, as if stained by blood for dramatic purposes and stuff. He has marks around his wrists and ankles, and beneath his armor wears a very stylish black and white striped jumpsuit, as well as some really hip and happening rusty chains. Wonder what they were for?

Artist's Rendition

Faction: Illean
Personality: Spriggan doesn't seem to ever really understand anything. He seemingly fades in and out of consciousness, frequently talks to figures only he can see, and generally seeming to live in his own world. Despite this he remains fiercely loyal to his friends and country, following their every order and serving them faithfully, much like a well-trained puppy. If he ever hurts them, it's purely by accident.

The rest are very, very intentional.

Backstory: Spriggan was once a royal guard to King Terran, but that stint ended rather quickly after the King caught him smuggling funds from the royal treasury. As punishment, he was exiled from the Terran countries. So he went to the Illenean side, and was quickly jailed for the murder of six Illean dignitaries.

In the midst of serving his sentence, the plague hit. Low on soldiers and lacking their queen, the Illean government turned to... desperate measures.

Whatever they did to Spriggan, it sure as hell worked, and a patriot was born, valiantly protecting his country as a stalwart guard. No longer would he kill at random, nor show any sign of aggression to the good Illean people. He was a soldier now, ready to slaughter and maim whoever they told him to.

He will remain loyal. No matter what.

Recruitment Method: Be an Illean and give him an order. So long as no other Illean tells him what to do, he'll stick with you.

Growth rates:

HP: 100%
Strength: 60%
Magic: 20%
Skill: 60%
Speed: 55%
Luck: 40%
Defense: 50%
Resistance: 30%
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