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[RP] Fire Emblem: Mnemonic Relic 

Postby Mono » Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:38 am

Fire Emblem: Mnemonic Relic


The continent of Aldarrennar - peaceful through the ages, it praises the Fire Emblem created by the dragons. It is said that settlers came to the island continent because they were enticed by the light and hope the Fire Emblem brought with it. Through the ages, Aldarrennars countries have lived together in harmony.

In the northwest laid the rocky and cold Republic of Glaziro. The highest mountain of Aldarrennar, Ninvul, lays in Glaziro, said to have been climbed by many though most have failed. It is the least inhabited country on the continent aside from the Middle Islands, but most travelers like to visit it because of its breathtaking landscapes.

The Middle Islands are located in the sea in the middle of the continent. Various colonies inhabit them and they are mostly used for their plentiful resources and close location to the trade port Classe. Classe is part of Nemus, a country split apart by hills and mountains. Aside from Classe and the fields on the side, there is the tribesfolk of the Drupada on the highest hills and located at the foot of the mountain range, which pray to the Earth Dragon.

In the northeast lies Ataxia, ruled by King Kaos. The people absolutely adore him and he's a kind and benevolent ruler. His people have enjoyed a good economy and peaceful political affairs for the last few years. In the southeast is Silvius, home to lush lands and plenty of agriculture. From it hails Princess Cyrena, who was headed to their neighbouring country Menelaos, where this story begins. Menelaos, known for its plenty of rivers and being the biggest country in Aldarrennar scale-wise, was about to experience a happy day - Prince Damocle of Menelaos and Princesss Cyrena of Silvius were going to be married quite soon. Yet the situation in Ataxia has changed over the years, and it appears they actually may have been plotting something before that...

Now, which ruler will you follow? Will you aid or reobtain what's lost to you?

Welcome to the FE RP reboot³ This RP is based off the Strategy RPG Game Series Fire Emblem. If you have never played Fire Emblem or play it casually - no worries! The players will, of course, help each other out and stuff.

... Though I'm assuming most people here have touched an FE game considering pretty much everyone in the past FERPs has.

Just like regular Fire Emblem, allied units are moved on a map (gridded to make moving in posts possible) with several actions to take.
Take this example:
The blue units are allied units. Every player character will be controlling one unit (and later possibly two).
The red units are enemies. These work against you, obviously enough.
The green units are NPCs. I will be controlling these. NPCs serve various purposes, like being characters you can recruit or soldiers that are helping you out, etc.

The battle part of a chapter is divided into three phases for each turn: The Player Phase, which is where everyone moves their units, the Enemy Phase, where enemies will move and attack, and the Other Phase, where the NPCs move.

Be aware: Each turn will have a time limit of max. one or two days (depends) so we don't have to wait on posts forever. If your character is not moved by then, they either will sit still or be moved by me. If you don't want this, be sure to make an action in that time! A turn ends when every character has moved or the time limit has ran out.

Each chapter (aka map) has a different goal to finish the chapter successfully - most of these are, however, "Rout all enemies," "Kill the boss" or "Seize the throne". Yet some maps will have different goals - but we'll be getting to those when the time calls for it.

Map actions:
There are several actions to take when controlling your character unit in the player phase, namely:
  • Attack - if you are next to an enemy, or an obstacle, you may attack it and engage in battle! You can calculate the odds of the battle with the FERPulator at the bottom.
    (Healer characters also get an additional Staff menu, where they can choose from a staff to use)
  • Item - You may equip a different weapon, or use a consumable item etc. However, if you consume/use an item, your turn is over.
  • Wait - End your turn. You cannot do anything after ending your turn for the remaining duration of the player phase.

    However, there are also several other actions that can be performed when standing next to units (regardless of alignment) or on buildings.
  • Talk - If your character can talk to an enemy, ally or NPC, use this action! You will, of course, engage in dialogue. This can end up as recruiting a unit to our army, or just simple character interaction/development.
  • Trade - You can trade items with any other ally unit. However, this will need consent from both players as looting stuff from others just like that isn't very nice you jerk.
  • Visit/Shop - If you stand on a tile with a village or house, you can visit it! This will often result in getting new items or even new allies!

How to post in battle:

Let's take that map from earlier again:
We shall be assuming we're controlling the mage (ty NN), the dude with the cape and hat. Let's say our aim is to attack that bandit left to the other one. Our action could look like this:
"Mage moves 1S, 2E (or down then right, whatever) and attacks the bottom Brigand with his Fire."
What you can see from this is the basic post formula when traversing on the map: Movement -> Action. If your action is attack, then: Movement -> Attack, name Target -> Name Weapon you will attack with
More on weapons and battle just a little later. Let's list other possible posts:
"Mage moves 2E and talks to the NPC."
"Mage moves 1S, equips his Thunder instead of Fire, and uses a vulnerary."
"Mage moves 1W and trades his Vulnerary for an Elixir."
And it goes on and on... as long as your action is possible, anything goes. Keep in mind that you obviously want to make the best possible choice if you do not want to endanger yourself.

Next up - Battle:
Here's a picture of FE7 - the unit Lowen wants to attack an enemy. Here's his odds of how battle will turn out. Odds are not necessary to post, but if asked for, they will be posted. Let's take this slowly:
HP - obviously enough, both sides' current HP. If an enemy unit reaches zero HP, they'll be defeated - if the HP of your allied unit reaches zero, they will be injured and unable to participate in the next 2-3 chapters, but can still interact with the other characters outside of battle. So proceed with utmost caution.
Mt - stands for might. This is the attack power each unit will be attacking with. Cut off: x2. If your speed stat is 5 above that of the enemy, you will attack a second time after their counterattack! On the topic of counter attacks, here's the flow of battle itself: If you engage in a fight, it will be: Your attack, enemy attack, (your attack) but if the enemy starts the fight, it will be: Enemy attack, your attack, (your attack).
Hit - your Hit%. If you're unlucky, you'll whiff a vital attack, but that's part of the spirit of Fire Emblem! Again, proceed with utmost caution.
Crit - your chance on a critical hit. If you manage to critically hit, your damage is tripled!

After the battle ends, your turn is over and you will gain experience points. If you gain 100, you will level up and get to roll for stat increases!
One more thing to handle are weapons and items.

Before battle starts, you will choose a weapon. In the example earlier, our mage posessed a Fire tome and chose that to attack with. There's various weapon types to choose from, such as:
  • Melee weapons:
  • Swords - The most balanced of the three melee weapons.
  • Lances - More powerful than a sword, but miss more often.
  • Axes - The most powerful, but miss the most.
    These three use your STR stat and target the enemy DEF and have 1 attack range (however, there are exceptions that have 1-2 attack range; Javelin, Hand)

    There's also:
  • Ranged weapons:
  • Slingshots (new) - 1-2 range weapons that forgo the dagger's debuffs for more power and accuracy.
  • Daggers (new) - 1-2 range weapons that have relatively low might but can debuff enemies.
  • Bows - High might but somewhat shaky hit rate. They have 2 attack range, so they cannot respond to counterattacks from the front.

    Then there's magic, which uses the unit's MAG and hits RES:
  • Magic types:
  • Anima - Only usable by Mages. Fire, Thunder and Wind tomes. The middle ground.
  • Light (new) - Only usable by Monks. Have a small, innate critical chance, but less might than other tomes. Relatively accurate.
  • Dark - Only usable by Dark Mages. Powerful, but much more inaccurate.

    These three weapon types all engage in a weapon triangle:


    The Red weapons beat the Green weapons while the Green weapons beat the Blue weapons, and the Blue weapons beat the Red weapons.

  • Staves - Used by healer units. As you can guess, they are there for healing, but some are... special. Cannot be used in combat as weaponry. Have 1 range, but there are exceptions!
There are also various consumable items, like vulneraries (that will heal your HP by 10) or elixirs (that will fully heal you), and others.

Always remember

One thing to note is that when your character reaches Level 21 (Dancers, Priests/Clerics and Troubadours at Level 11), they will get the choice to pick a class to promote to, and you'll be even more stronger and badass than before!
(Gender Restrictions are still gone. You can have Male Pegasus Knights, Female Fighters etc.)

Here's a list of classes you can choose from (spoilered because this is a lot of stuff):

Spoiler : List of Classes :
Mounted/Flying Units:
  • Cavaliers - A rider on a horse. Usually fairly balanced units, but mostly lean a little to defense or strength. They decide at the start of the chapter whether to bring a Sword, Lance or Axe. Can move 7 squares at a time, but cannot pass hills. Promote to either Paladins (8 Move, choose from two out of Swords/Lances/Axes), stronger versions of Cavaliers, or Great Knights (7 Move, can wield Swords, Lances and Axes), which are more defense-oriented.
  • Sky Knights - A rider on a pegasus. They're fast and have higher resistance than most units, but keep them away from bows and the Aircalibur tome - they're awfully weak to those. Wield Lances. Can move 7 squares at a time and ignore terrain (thus, they can fly over every square, even water and mountains). Promote to either Falcon Knights (8 Move, can wield Lances and Staves), even faster Pegasus Knights that are able to heal, or Sky Sharpshooters (8 Move, can wield Lances and Bows), which can also use bows to attack and have an edge over rivaling fliers.
  • Wyvern Riders - A rider on a wyvern. They sacrifice speed and resistance (what Pegasus Knights are known for) for sheer defense (includes HP) and raw attacking power. Wield Axes. Can move 7 squares at a time and ignore terrain (thus, they can fly over every square, even water and mountains). Promote to either Wyvern Lords (8 move, can wield Axes and Lances), even stronger Wyvern Riders, or Malig Knights (8 move, can wield Axes and either Dark or Anima magic (choose one from the two)), gaining an undead mount and the ability to use magic.

Ground units that use STR:
  • Knights - Heavily armored units that have godlike Defense, but trashy Speed and Resistance. Same Sword/Lance/Axe split as cavaliers. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Generals (5 move, choose two from Sword/Lance/Axe), an even stronger Knight, or Great Knights (see above).
  • Myrmidons - Masters of the blade with insane speed and skill. However, their strength actually ends up mediocre and their defenses aren't the best considering they rely on avoiding hits to not take damage. Wield Swords. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Swordmasters (6 Move, can wield Swords and get a critical hit bonus), even more skilled Myrmidons, or Master of Arms (6 move, can wield Swords, Lances and Axes), skilled weaponmasters that can use three different weapons.
  • Outlaws - Professional Pickpocketers that can open doors, chests, and even steal items from the enemies! Fast, but sort of fragile. Wield Bows. Can move 6 squares at a time.
    Promote to either Bow Knights (8 move, mounted, can use Bows and Swords), mounted bow users, or Adventurers (7 move, can wield Bows and Staves), thieves that have perfected their technique and even give a helping hand with staff skills.
  • Fighters - Fighters with lots of STR and quite a bit of HP, but not too great defenses. Wield axes. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Berserkers (6 move, can wield Axes and gain a crit bonus), or Heroes (6 move, can wield Axes and Swords), durable all-arounders that pack a punch.
  • Mercenaries - Well-rounded combat units. You can't go wrong with these - they're average to good in all stats. Wield swords. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Heroes (see above) or Bow Knights (8 move, can wield Swords and Bows), mounted riders of the lands that can shoot arrows at their enemies and have a close-range option.
  • Archers - Refined bow users that rarely miss because of their high skill. However, they need some time to really ramp up, and they also cannot counterattack from short range. Wield Bows. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Snipers (6 move, can wield Bows, Slingshots and gain a slight crit bonus), even stronger Archers, or Sky Sharpshooters (see above).
  • Apothecary - More defensive bow users that value bulk over accuracy. Wield Bows and Slingshots. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Merchants (6 move, can wield Bows, Slingshots and Lances), stronger Apothecaries, or Mechanists (7 move, can wield Bows, Slingshots and Daggers), mobile and versatile puppetmasters.
  • Ninja - Hidden fighters with well-rounded stats. Wield Daggers. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Master Ninjas (6 move, can wield Shuriken and get a very slight crit bonus), even more skilled Ninjas, or Mechanists (see above).
  • Tribes(wo)man - People of the Drupada Tribe that bow to the Earth Dragon. More defensive Fighters. Wield Axes. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Tribe Chief (6 move, can wield Axes and Tomes), even stronger Tribespeople, or Blacksmiths (6 move, can wield Axes and Lances), more defensive weaponmasters.
  • Spear Fighter - Combatants that specialize in using a lance. Well-rounded stats. Wield Lances. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Spear Masters (6 move, can wield Lances and gain a crit bonus), polearm masters, or Blacksmiths (see above).

    Units that use MAG:
  • Mages - Smart bookworms that have studied Anima magic. Magical prowess, and thus a high MAG stat (and a lesser STR stat), and accurate and somewhat speedy as well, but they are very frail. Wield Anima tomes. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Sages (6 move, can wield Anima tomes and Staves), even wiser Mages that have a healing touch, or Runic Knights (8 move, can wield Anima tomes, Dark Magic tomes and Lances), mounted magicians with control over more magic and lances.
  • Shamans - The knights to the Mages - very good defenses and HP, and also strong magic (though Mages have a higher one). However, their awful speed and accuracy set their destruction back somewhat. Wield Anima tomes and Dark Magic tomes. Can move 5 squares at a time. Can promote to either Druids (can wield Dark magic tomes and staves), even more destructive and durable Dark Mages, or Runic Knights (see above).
  • Clerics/Priests - Devoted healers. With staves in their hands, they can cure even the most severe wounds and provide tactical assistance with special staves. Frail, but decent to good MAG stat and RES. Wield Staves. Can move 5 squares at a time. Promote to either Sages (see above), or War Clerics/Priests (6 move, can wield Staves and Axes), extremely badass units, I love them even more devoted healers that can also pack a small punch with those powerful axes.
  • Troubadours - MOUNTED healers. Because they have more movement than the normal Cleric or Priest, they could possibly be utilized better, but they have a tad bit better MAG than Clerics/Priests but a tad bit worse DEF (RES is equally good). Wield Staves. Can move 7 squares at a time. Promote to either Maids (6 move, can wield Daggers, Slingshots and Staves,devoted healers with ranged combat, or Valkyries (8 move, Can wield Staves and Light tomes), more efficient and wisdomful Troubadours.
  • Monks - People devoted to Light Magic. They have more skill, luck and resistance than the average mage, but are just as frail in the defensive part and not quite as power in their magical growth. Wield Light tomes. Can move 5 squares at a time. Can promote to either Sages (see above) or Valkyries (see above).

    Special Classes:
  • Dancer - (Apps for Dancer are not yet allowed) A dancer that uses their dancing to motivate their allies (an ally that has ended their turn can move again). Fragile, but fast. However, this dancer has magical power flowing in their blood, and thus can call upon magical dances as well... (aka decent MAG stat/growth) Are able to dance. Wield Anima tomes. Can move 5 squares. Promotes to Coryphee (6 move, are able to dance, can wield Anima tomes and staves), an even more useful asset to the team than she was before.
  • Witch - Highly capable magicians, especially in the dark arts. Incredibly high power, but frail. Can move 6 squares at a time. They wield Anima and Dark magic.

Every player gets a primary and secondary character. The primary character will join in the room of the Prologue-Chapter 2, and if I have to, Chapter 3. This is so every player gets a chance to play. The secondary character appears far later.
Now that that's done, get to apping:

Code: Select all
[b]Username:[/b] (obligatory)
[b]Name:[/b] (Of course, we want to know who we're traveling with!)
[b]Age:[/b] (How old are you?)
[b]Gender/Sex:[/b] (You should probably know this one.)
[b]Class:[/b] (There should be enough variety to pick from...)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Of course I'd rather not walk around with some black silhouette in the team...)
[b]Personality:[/b] (How do you behave? Any traits that stick out, or habits?)
[b]Backstory:[/b] (Let's hear of your tragic family story or how you fought yourself up the ranks to be the mightiest warrior of the lands!)
[b]Recruitment Method:[/b] (Do you join at the start of a chapter? Do you need someone to talk to you? Are you an NPC or an enemy? Basically, how are you gonna join the guild? Put "join at the start" if you plan on being dispatched at the start of the prologue.)

[b]Growth rates:[/b]
(This one's important. When you level up, you get a chance to get a +1 boost in one of your stats equal to your growth rate for that stat. Of course, growth rates themselves should respond to the assets and flaws your class brings (so a Knight wouldnt have a good speed growth at all, but rather a great defense growth.) These are the base class growths in Fire Emblem: Fates (http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/hoshidan-classes/growth-rates/). However, your growths should definitely not be that low, instead you should be adding these to personal character growth rates. (http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/hoshidan-characters/growth-rates/) Take growths similar to the character ones/modify/etc., then add their class growths to their character growths. (Warning: Potential Fates spoilers) If you need help with Growth rates, feel free to either ask or leave them empty but say what you want them to be like (if you wanna lean more towards strength or skill or whatever...).)


Spoiler : Rebuilders :
  • Ashley (Mage), played by Blackrune (Primary) pg 1
  • Heac (Valkyrie), played by Blackrune (Secondary) pg 1
  • Errol (Sky Knight), played by Gav (Primary) pg 1
  • Romi (Apothecary), played by GD (Primary) pg 1
  • Mikael (Wyvern Rider), played by Enthalpy (Primary) pg 1

Important Links
I could not thank Kwando more for these. These are the FERP Calculators, however, you're only interested in one of them: The Previewer. The Previewer shows you the battle odds (I've talked about this above) of any battle that you can engage. Just put in those stats (I post these in the Status Check and Remaining Enemies at the start of every Player Phase) and you can see how your battle could come out.
I'll be using the Calculator to calculate the actual battle outcome. Status is for something else which'll come later.

The Statsheets show Stats of Allies/Enemies, Inventories, all that. (These still link to the old ones until there's new ones)


Statsheet - Ally
Statsheet - Enemy (just click the chapter at the bottom of the site)

Current Chapter:
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Mnemonic Relic 

Postby Blackrune » Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:13 am

Spoiler : first :
Username: Blackrune
Name: Ashley the very enigmatic traveler
Age: Probably in her 20s, but it's a mystery
Gender/Sex: Almost certainly female
Class: Mage
Appearance: Dressed in dark purple robes that are just a little too large for her. The sleeves, in fact, are so big you can't always see her hands. Which are covered by black fingerless gloves where someone tried to draw something on, but it isn't really visible.
Her robes, too, are decorated by yellow threads (she insists they're golden), which are poorly and very incompetently sewn into the outfit and SEEM to depict eyes of some sort. Or maybe just fancy circles. Or the sun? It's hard to say.
A black bandana fully covers her mouth, making her blue eyes the only visible part of her face. While her robe has a hood, she often doesn't have it on, instead revealing her long, slightly unkempt black hair.

Personality: Ashley makes it a point to consider herself very mysterious.
She always acts like she knows perfectly well what's going on, even if she has no idea. This can sound delusional to the point where she might even believe it herself, though who really knows?
Thinks very highly of herself, or at least pretends to do so. It's hard to tell. She tends to over-hype her own magical capabilities. Making her admit she messed up is probably impossible, cause she'll come up with some excuse for why she MEANT to do it. Yeah.
She is very secretive and doesn't reveal much about her past. This also means she has a lot of excuses to not get too close to strangers, unless she's trying to impress them.

Backstory: Not much is known about her past as she is very adamant about not revealing much. It's known that she was taught magic by a sage from an academy in Silvius, who described her as 'a pretty average magician held back by her attitude'.
One day, she up and left her mentor, frustrated about making no progress. She's reported to say something along the lines of 'the mystery of magic can only be unlocked by mystery'. While his next students bothered to think about it, her former mentor assured them that this was almost certainly just an empty phrase meant to sound like wisdom.
Since then, she has shown up in various villages, always with some ridiculous claims about her identity. While she sometimes claims that she is solving problems, the truth is that most of the time her claims themselves are what's causing trouble in the first place.
Recruitment Method: Shows up as an unmoving NPC. Then you have to rescue seven NPCs and visit all villages before they are pillaged Talking to her should be enough to recruit her.

Growth rates:

HP: 45%
Strength: 15%
Magic: 70%
Skill: 45%
Speed: 55%
Luck: 45%
Defense: 20%
Resistance: 50%

Personal Skill:
Foresight - If Ashley initiates combat without moving, hit rate +15 and critical rate +10

Spoiler : I wonder if this will be allowed but one can try :
Username: Blackrune
Name: Heac
Age: 34
Gender/Sex: Male
Class: Valkyrie
Appearance: Has waist-length blue hair. Wears rectangular glasses over his weary-looking eyes... Has an x-shaped scar on his right cheek.
Aside from that, his outfit is a gray robe. Seems a little more like a magician's outfit than that of a priest, though I suppose those are similar enough.

Personality: Generally polite, although he seems to get very tired of reckless people very quickly. Always advocates the safest possible strategy, but even if people go against it, it seems like he has become rather apathetic to the outcome.

Backstory: Heac used to be a member of a mercenary group that was wiped out completely one day due to him being too slow.
He decided to give up on being a priest... and became a troubadour instead. He hoped that, with a horse, he would be fast enough to save anyone next time, and prevent another massacre...
Surely enough, he found another group to join. The fate of this group has been lost in the shadow of time. It is unlcear how many casualties there were, or if they ever completed their objective.
Heac preferred to never talk about it, though when he returned, his friends felt like he's aged several decades from the stress.
Soon after, Heac apparently decided that he's had enough and left on a long journey.
People have since sighted him near battlefields on several occasions, healing the wounded on both sides while aggressively telling them to stop fighting.
He is still very determined to prevent any needless deaths, even though his attitude may make him seem less idealistic about it as he used to be.
He seems to have realized that his efforts are sometimes a futile attempt against the merciless tide of life, but Heac just can't stop being stubborn...
One day he was sucked into a wormhole and transported to this world

Recruitment Method: Shows up as an NPC healing just about anyone he can reach - yes, even enemies. You have to talk to him with a unit that can use staves (and has one in their inventory).

Growth rates:

HP: 70%
Strength: 15%
Magic: 50%
Skill: 40%
Speed: 45%
Luck: 45%
Defense: 25%
Resistance: 55%

Personal Skill:
Dedicated Healer - If wounded adjacent allies are attacked, they gain +20 avoid and receive -3 damage.
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Mnemonic Relic 

Postby Gav » Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:40 am

Spoiler : first post in a while and of course it's a ferp app :
Username: Gav
Name: Errol
Age: 23
Gender/Sex: Masculine!
Class: Sky Knight (Will only use lances. Ever.)

Appearance: Errol is very much the knight in shining armor. Except his armor is a little rusted since he couldn't find anything else in his price range and his hair is only slicked back so much since he doesn't have a lot of gel and his mustache is pretty unkempt since he can't afford a razor BUT HE IS A KNIGHT NONETHELESS! The armor is there, the dashing features are there, the black, slicked to one side hair is there. His face is always kept in an expression that makes it seem like he's perpetually looking at something, but nobody can quite tell what.

Personality: Errol likes saving people. In fact, he likes saving people so much that he tried to make a career out of it... And failed, miserably. However, that doesn't mean he still doesn't like saving people! He acts like the "type" of the dashing, damsel-saving hero with an air of mystery. Of course, beyond being basically trained with a lance (from a few months in the army before he decided it wasn't heroic enough), his set of skills amounts to "Knows how to whittle" and "Can sing barbershop quartet, kind of", but he's learning, dammit!

Backstory: A while back, he saved people. Then he saved some more people. Then he saved a lot more people. Then he took a cooking class, tried to settle down for a bit around 18, but the call of saving people (ESPECIALLY blonde women) was just too... call-y to resist. It's a hero thing. You wouldn't understand. Now he's here on the battlefield, trying to save as many people as he can. Does it really matter if he's on a side? No, no it doesn't.

Recruitment Method: A female character (any female character) must talk to him while he is an "Other" unit on the battlefield, but ONLY AFTER he kills a unit that has hurt said female character. He appears a few turns into the chapter in which he is recruited.

Growth Rates:
HP: 80%
STR: 45%
MAG: 15%
SKL: 55%
SPD: 60%
LCK: 25%
DEF: 35%
RES: 30%

Personal Skill: Derring-Do
After getting a critical hit where the critical chance is below 20%: Crit+10, Hit+15, Avo+20, Damage+2 for two turns.
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Mnemonic Relic 

Postby GuardianDreamer » Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:02 pm

Spoiler : Romi :
Username: GuardianDreamer
Name: Romi
Age: 27
Gender/Sex: Female
Class: Apothecary
Appearance: Here's a chibi. For obvious reasons, she does not wear that scarf if she's in a noticeably hot area. Due to the limitations of the chibi maker, it should be kept in mind that she has a stockier build than is shown. She's supposed to be carrying a bag on her back (presumably carrying medicinal supplies), which I forgot to include because I'm competent.

Personality: Primarily focused on her journey to acquire more knowledge about medicine, which she tends to get lost in thought over, though it's far from the only thing on her mind. Romi usually seems very calm, but is prone to getting rather angry if anyone targets any of her supplies, or if anyone targets the few friends that she has. She is very blunt about her feelings, and has difficulty expressing that she cares about other people. For example, as an attempt at a compliment, she might say "You remind me of a vulnerary" without realizing how odd that sounds. She'll generally apologize if she realizes that she's said something inappropriate, however. Has a fondness for archery and travel in general, as well as a fondness for board games (though sadly she rarely gets to chance to play Mahjong, which is her favorite board game).

Backstory: Romi's family members were generally all in poor health and seemed especially susceptible to illness, but Romi was the exception to this. From a young age, she was motivated to pursue the study of medicine to help out her family, though she was always limited to providing relief from their pain/sicknesses rather than actually solving the core issues. Her parents were shopkeepers (giving her access to supplies to make medicine), so she has some talent with negotiating prices and such, but she considers herself primarily an apothecary with a bit of skill in mercantilism, rather than the other way around. At some point, she grew frustrated by the thought that she still had so much to learn about making medicine, but she did her best to not let that bother her too much. She does have fun being an apothecary too, so it's not like she did that just for her family or anything.

Several years prior to the start of the RP, Romi decided to start traveling the world to learn more about making medicine, as well as acquiring more knowledge in general (also traveling sounded like a lot of fun). She manages to make ends meet by selling medicine (primarily using ingredients she finds while traveling), though she's not exactly rich or anything like that. She still regularly checks up on her family, but for the most part she just wanders around a lot. For the record, she originally hails from Classe, though she's traveled enough that the only reason it still feels like 'home' to her is because her family is there.

Recruitment Method: Starts as a neutral unit who's either trying to fight off or escaping some enemies that are trying to steal stuff from her (I'll leave it up to you to decide who those enemies are, I'll take generic bandits or soldiers or anything really). Talk with anyone and she'll join, or keep her alive until the end of the chapter and she'll automatically be recruited during a post-chapter conversation.

Growth rates:

HP: 75%
Strength: 60%
Magic: 20%
Skill: 45%
Speed: 45%
Luck: 40%
Defense: 55%
Resistance: 30%

Personal Skill:
All Green - After using a healing item or a tonic, all stats are raised by 1 until the beginning of the next player phase.
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Mnemonic Relic 

Postby Enthalpy » Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:04 am

I was hoping I could give this character another go...

Spoiler : App :
Username: Enthalpy
Name: Mikael
Age: 28
Gender/Sex: Male
Class: Wyvern Rider
Appearance: Mikael’s most distinctive feature is his pallid skin, pale even for his home naton of Glaziro. His dark brown hair is cut short, and his side swept bangs reveal his forehead just enough so that he appears intelligently severe. Eyes are chestnut brown. He’s normally clad in the standard black, full-body armor of a more resilient fighter. No cloaks for him! He usually wears an indifferent expression, and is slightly shorter than average.
Personality: Mikael is pragmatic and "rational." He’ll go into combat to help a fellow soldier who’s in trouble, but if the choices are a coin flip as to his survival and a fellow soldier’s, versus certain doom for the other guy? He’ll take his own survival, thank you. There’s no point in giving himself up for nothing. The emotional impact of his choice would likely slide right off him. Things happen in war.

Contrary to his appearance, most of what Mikael knows is through his time as a mercenary. He has had little schooling and is proud of it. All you need to get by in life is a bit of experience and street smarts. After his time as a mercenary, he has plenty of that. Those who do espouse schooling are just fools who don't realize how useless it is at preparing you for real life.

Mikael likes to spend his time either training (to increase his own chance of survival) or in idle chatter. He doesn’t keep many, or any, close friends, but casual talking is a nice way to pass the time. …And this isn’t technically personality, but that pallidness comes from persistent health problems. He usually has a cough.
Backstory: Mikael grew up as the second-youngest child of a large, but unlucky family in Glaziro. Illness struck an already disease-prone family, and combined with some family debt to begin with, he had to work from a young age as a servant for a local nobleman. As time passed, his family’s fortunes continued to decline - two of his older siblings ran away for a new life, other siblings died of disease after some relatively expensive doctor visits, ect.

By his eighteenth birthday, Mikael was almost alone. All he had left was a Wyvern he had befriended years ago on the mountains outside city limits, on a “treasure” expedition. With his family all gone, he decided to take his Wyvern and become a mercenary. If it worked out for him, it would be a high-paying job, and maybe he could get back on-track. And if it didn’t, well, at least he’d go quickly.

Well, so much for "high paying"...

Recruitment Method: Just have somebody (ideally our lord) talk to him!

Growth rates:

HP: 80
Strength: 60
Magic: 0
Skill: 60
Speed: 45
Luck: 45
Defense: 60
Resistance: 10

Personal Skill: Permafrost - When user's HP is above half, -2 to all damage.
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Mnemonic Relic 

Postby songotenman » Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:36 am

An App
Spoiler : :
Username: songotenman
Name: Gregory
Age: 26
Gender/Sex: Male
Class: Cavalier
Appearance: Gregory has short, neatly combed blonde hair, and a cleanshaven face. He is dressed from toes to shoulders in his signature green armor, with a red cape draped upon his shoulders. Upon the shoulderpads of his armor is his family crest, a grey bearhead upon a red backdrop.

Personality: Gregory has always been exceptional. Ever since he was a little kid, Gregory has been known as a prodigy. Swordfighting, horseback riding, archery, strategy, he excels at everything, except, unfortunately, the one thing he wants to be good at. Magic. Ever since he was young, Gregory has been fascinated with magic. He has read book upon book about the subject, about everything from Anima to Dark magic, but no matter how much he tries, he just can't do any magic. Gregory is normally a very calm, nice and polite person, but his lack of magical abillity irks him greatly, and has caused him to develop a slightly sarcastic side.

Backstory: Gregory is the youngest child of four born to a wealthy Noble family in Silvius. Ever since he was born, he's excelled at pretty much everything, bringing love from his parents and jealousy from his siblings. Everything was going just fine, until the fateful day arrived. Gregory found an old tome of spells in his parents attic, and ever since then he had been hooked. But when he tried to apply for a magical education, he was told that he had no magical talent whatsoever. Since then, Gregory joined the army, and quickly rose through the ranks, bringing honor to his family. He continued improving his abillities, but after a while it became repetitive and he became slightly bored. Which is why, when he heard of a special mission that required a talented group, he jumped at the call.

Recruitment Method: Join at the start.

Growth rates:

HP: 65%
Strength: 70%
Magic: 0%
Skill: 60%
Speed: 50%
Luck: 20%
Defense: 60%
Resistance: 10%

Personal Skill: Magic-Lover: If adjacent to a magic-using ally, +3 damage dealt and -2 damage taken.
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Mnemonic Relic 

Postby The Fury Wraith » Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:54 pm

Spoiler : I'm Clever the Cleverlier :
Username:The Fury Wraith
Name: Cleve
Age: 30
Gender/Sex: Male
Class: Cavalier
Appearance: Wears glasses, short silver red hair and of normal physique
Personality: Cleve is a bit smug, considers himself very smart and to be an excellent strategist, but sometimes overestimates his abilities. He has a liking for quoting lessons that he learned at his school. The fact is, he isn't as knowledgable as he'd like to believe, he's just book smart thanks to what he learned at the prominent school he went to as a child and actually lacks the experience a real war would give. That said, he values loyalty and so swore to protect Prince Damocle with his life. He is also rather protective of his little sister, Liara, up to the point that he's willing to play along with the secret she is hiding and wants to make sure nobody else finds out about it.
Backstory: Cleve comes from a long line of nobles that always have served the royals of Menelaos, his father being the prominent General Alec, one of the top generals of Menelaos. As such, at a young age, Cleve was send to a high esteemed university in Menelaos to learn about the art of war, history, et cetera, all so that he could be a suitable retainer for Prince Damocle. Eventually, after years of training and studying, he graduated together with his sister and became the retainer of the then young Prince Damocle and has been ever since.
Recruitment Method: Joins at the start

Growth rates:

HP: 50
Magic: 5
Skill: 60
Speed: 70
Luck: 35
Defense: 30
Resistance: 55

Personal Skill: Clever Tactics: If Cleve is within 3 spaces from Liara, +2 to strength and defense.
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Re: [RP] Fire Emblem: Mnemonic Relic 

Postby Alnar » Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:54 pm

Spoiler : I'm Lier the Clieverlier! :
Username: Alnar
Name: Liara
Age: 27
Gender/Sex: Female
Class: Cavalier
Appearance: A young, sporty, and athletic woman with wavy side swept silver green hair of medium length.
Personality: Headstrong and quick to act. She loves devising her own strategies and plans of attack, even if they seem highly unpractical or just not great at all. In battle, she's almost always the type to charge in all gung ho into enemy lines. She tries to act clever but always laughs it off when people question her actual smarts. When trying to explain something, she'll try and find the smartest way of explaining it, with help from her older brother Cleve. Not that she needs the help, she's plenty clever herself. She has a tendency of getting lost in the heat of the moment. When she's feeling passionate about something, she won't pay attention to anything else. She loves eating baked goods, so much so that she named her horse Butterscotch. She can and WILL fight you over that last brownie.
Backstory: Liara is the younger of two siblings that belong to one of the noble houses tasked with serving the royals of Menelaos, her father is General Alec, one of Menelaos' best generals. As a young child she was active and outgoing, always the one to playing outside or going on childish adventures. This led her to develop a somewhat tomboyish nature growing up. Wanting to make her family proud of her, she followed in the footsteps of her brother, Cleve, and applied to the same prestigious university, so that she could prove her worth. She was hailed as a prodigy in her subjects, getting high scores on tests while claiming not to have even studied much at all for them.

After graduating university, she began her training to become a retainer alongside her brother. It was here where she truly excelled, combat. She was quick to learn and eager to come out on top. Sure enough, she graduated as one of the top soldiers, something both she and her family could be proud of, and was granted the honor of being a retainer to the young prince Damocle with her brother Cleve.

Recruitment Method: Liara is trapped in the middle of an ambush. Defeat all nearby enemy units or talk to her with either the Lord or Cleve to get her on your side. She'll automatically join at the end of the chapter if she's still alive and Cleve is in the party.
Growth rates:

HP: 65%
Strength: 65%
Magic: 5%
Skill: 55%
Speed: 45%
Luck: 50%
Defense: 60%
Resistance: 20%

Personal Skill: Clever Assault - When Liara is within 3 spaces from Cleve, +2 to speed and resistance.
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