The Great Detective Knows: Locked Room of Cards

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The Great Detective Knows: Locked Room of Cards 

Postby enigma » Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:40 am


Returning from the depths of forum-game history, the classic game of deduction and trickery is back! And this time... It's in Discord form. Choosing to embrace it's status as a game that is just as strategic and "political" in nature, the new TGDK: Locked Room of Cards encourages the players to do anything and everything in their power to solve the case... or at least ensure they're not at the very bottom of the intellectual food chain.

TGDK: Locked Room of Cards puts you in the shoes of your choice of famous, fictional detective and pits you against others of the same 'ilk.' Using your abilities as a detective, you'll be put to the test in a series of investigations ranging from simple whodunnits to more... complex deals. If you can deduce the truth (or around about it) before time is up, you'll move onto the next round. If not? Well, someone's gotta be eliminated, right?

How to join and how to play are all covered in the discord, so why don't you hop on over and join in the fun?


As this Discord is not AAO, language rules may not be the same as on here. Please be advised! Furthermore, as I do not often visit this forum, please direct all enquiries either in the discord chat or directly to me (or NN) on PC via discord. Thank you!

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