[DINE] The Den of Deception

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Re: [DINE] The Den of Deception 

Message par Spyromed » Sam Oct 28, 2017 11:59 pm

"Nothing much from me, either." Haru got to the point.

"I started in Nao's room," she began. "Under the bed, there was nothing. ...Really, nothing. No dust or anything. Maybe it was cleaned recently for some reason, or something from underneath was taken out at some stage. Either way, it's a little weird. ...Or maybe she's just tidy. For a maid, it wouldn't be too surprising.

"Everything else seemed normal. The standard affair - makeup, clothes, jewelry, a sewing set, et cetera. All her books were in Japanese, so I didn't get much of a chance to sift through those.

"In any case, she seemed satisfied with her employment. Satisfied as someone like her could be, anyway. She was dispatched to Levine through some external agency -- the, uh, 'International Maid & Butler Agency' (very concise) -- based off of his needs. That was about as much as I could get from her, in that department.

"Regardless. We got talking, and she did chime in with something -- it doesn't make sense for Gabriel to be our victim, as things stand. He'd already disclaimed his part of the inheritence, after all. And according to her, the man was on decent terms with everyone. Maybe something to think about..."

She trailed off as her mind wandered to the next room she'd explored.

"The nurse's room was even less eventful. She let me look through her laptop after I applied a little pressure, but nothing stood out. She seemed more insistent that I didn't look through her research records, or patient details. Very typical of a doctor, I guess. From the glimpse I got, the bulk of it was about neurology, which makes sense.

"Just to be sure, I checked what symptoms Levine supposedly had before he died, but her account matched up. She just told me about that "CARASIL" thing, with the same symptoms as before; nothing suspicious.

"Anyway, both her and the maid's pillows had the same type of feathers inside... so, if we're assuming the culprit was the one who ended up leaving it there... really, that feather could point to just about anybody. I think it's safe to assume all the pillows around here are pretty much the same.

"The only other tidbit I got were some suspicions on their part. Neither of them thought strongly about this, particularly, but both did end up naming Christian as a "suspect". Or, at least, the most likely to follow Levine's instructions, at a push. The nurse also lumped Nao and Seth in with him, but really, I don't feel like their suspicions are anything we can go off of."
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Re: [DINE] The Den of Deception 

Message par kwando1313 » Mer Nov 08, 2017 8:05 am

Miyuki sighed.

"I... Guess we didn't really get anything, did we..."

"Anyone have any other ideas as to what we can do? Maybe some places to investigate?"

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