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Re: Doki Doki Magical Guardians (MGRP) 

Message par gotMLK7 » Mar Août 08, 2017 1:12 am

The Park

"Do we really need to be so frightful of someone who does not know the proper tools effective against a bird of prey?" the girl in pelts asked with a tilt of the head. "The mean person did not seem all that smart to me. She does not have the hunting skills needed to properly track anything down." The girl closed her eyes in thought. "I could likely train a hawk and a small number of ferrets to easily accomplish her mission without the need for large blades on sticks. What an inefficient lady..."

It was only at this time that the girl seemed to notice that some of the other humans around her were reacting to the words of the owl as well.

" could understand him, too?" She seemed to glare at every other person in that park. "Strange. Most humans I encounter seem deaf to the words of animals, regardless of magical prowess. Though none of you seem to be much worth in the forest..." She tilted her head again. "I cannot imagine many of you surviving there too long, so I doubt you have learned such levels of communication."

She turned back towards Pine. "I you most certainly are not a typical bird of prey. And you act as though Earth is not your home..." Something clicked, and the girl leaned in closely towards the owl.

"...Are you a space-bird?" Her eyes seemed to glisten from the shadows of her hat. "I have never hunted a space-bird before...I-I wonder..."

She stared at Pine expectantly, drooling a little.
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Re: Doki Doki Magical Guardians (MGRP) 

Message par NihilismFormula » Sam Août 26, 2017 2:53 am

Pine took a few involuntary steps back from Pruara. "I... I suppose I'm a 'space bird'... of sorts? I'm more something that just looks like a bird of your planet... it's a little complicated." The sprite laughs weakly. "I would rather prefer to not be hunted, though!"

He then addresses the beginning of Pruara's statement, his head tilting toward Aya, hoping this answers her question too. "Well... I really wouldn't underestimate her! She's easily the best fighter they have and she... came out of nowhere essentially. I have... ideas about her origin but it's all speculation at this point."

Pine then takes a deep breath before addressing the most important question of all. "I... can't say what will happen, exactly. Mostly because I'm not sure exactly what they intend to accomplish; it could very well be something that leads to the destruction of your planet, or giving them power to rule over it for... eternity, probably?" Pine feels inclined to shrug but decided that that would give the matter a bit too much levity. "However, even if their goals are entirely benign, which I doubt, messing with magical artifacts is incredibly dangerous, especially powerful ones. If things go wrong, Earth could easily be destroyed as a result, not to mention all the rest of the planets in the solar system, at a minimum. That's why I need your help!"
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Re: Doki Doki Magical Guardians (MGRP) 

Message par VGBM » Sam Sep 02, 2017 8:22 pm

Do I even need to say it? We're all in the same place right now:

After getting over his initial shock, Kuro showed that he's actually capable of listening, though he kept his bored expression the whole time.

"Sounds like we don't have much of a choice, then," he finally piped up. "Either we fight your battle for you or our planet is doomed, is that right?" Despite the way he worded that, he didn't actually look unhappy about the situation.
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Re: Doki Doki Magical Guardians (MGRP) 

Message par DLA » Sam Sep 02, 2017 11:40 pm

Park Place

Still lackadaisically twirling her revolvers, Louise had stayed silent as the new people arrived. None of them seemed anywhere near as hostile as scythe girl, if they even were hostile, which it didn't seem like. She wasn't going to go through the introduction business over again, mostly because they had probably already heard it, and because it would take some effort to manage another perfectly executed spin, which could easily go unseen or be partnered with another less impressive one.

The owl creature thing was asking for help, which was what owl creature things did, as far as she knew. The planet was in danger because of some parts of a broken doo-dad that ended up on Earth, and they had to fight scythe girl and her friends because they wanted the doo-dad parts, and could want to use it for something evil, if she got the gist of it. Even the owl creature thing didn't seem too sure. Maybe it'd be a good chance to get some more information about the problem?

"So?" Louise asked.
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Re: Doki Doki Magical Guardians (MGRP) 

Message par The Ash Raichu » Lun Sep 04, 2017 6:49 pm


Aya stood around a good while, listening to - and giving her slightly creepy glare to - everything that was said... Pruara being first. Without warning, she slowly drew her wooden sword out from her hair, raised it high, and brought it down on her with a surprising lack of force. Like she had released all tension in her arm and just let gravity do all the work. It may have been the imagination of people around, but her usually stern glare... somehow seemed even more so right now.

"That's naughty." And that's all she had to say on the matter of... whatever was going through the tiny hunter girl's head. Pine was next. Had Aya been a less optimistic person, she would've easily used his logic against him. They had only just met, after all. He didn't know if or what this group was planning on doing with this artifact if they ever secured it, either. If it was as powerful as he said it was, surely there would be a small amount of petty infighting over such power as well. These sorts of thoughts lingered in Aya's mind, although were quickly expunged. This "owl" clearly trusted them all, and she needed to pull through for him. They all did. Trust was sacred. Without trust, everyone would be just like the hunter girl...

Aya made a mental note to keep a sharp eye on her. She turned once more to Pine.

"Do you know how many shards and people working with the girl there are...?"
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Re: Doki Doki Magical Guardians (MGRP) 

Message par DSY » Mer Sep 06, 2017 7:07 pm

The Second French Empire of Napoleon the 2nd............

Nah just kidding. It's the Park

Yumi's shakes her head, face covered by her hands glued to it to hide her embarrassed face from the group.

"Oh my G." Yumi mutters frantically from behind her hand mask, over and over.

The weight of everything sinking on her head like hat made out of dumbbells and duck tape......

......And unflattering post-it notes. The voices of the people around her adding to her concern, in that they didn't disappear and some of them made sense. Leading Yumi to her only option. The only way to know for sure.

Yumi lowers her hands from her face and looks around at the group, eyes misty with tears.

The people around her were real. Some of them in unusual clothing sure, but real as real can be.

"Oh my g..." Yumi mutters nervously.

Yep. This was happening.

"I'm not waking up from this dream, am I?" Yumi says raising her hand mask over her face again, like her reliable shield.

"S-so... um." Yumi mutters weakly, "If this is really happening, maybe we should move this conversation somewhere more private... like um," Yumi asks, fears over taking her head.

"W-would you guys like to come over to my h-house?" She asks, partly fearful that any of these mentioned enemies are nearby.

And also because she just really wanted to go home.
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