Trans Kingdom Hearts 3 Stream- by Ami

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Trans Kingdom Hearts 3 Stream- by Ami 

Postby Ami » Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:16 am

Starts: Every day, starting
Tues, Jan. 29th 10AM-10PM EST (-5UTC)
Ends: When it’s been beaten on any difficulty.

Can I stream for 12 gay hours a day before the game breaks me? Probably, but come hang out just to check it out. This is my most ambitious stream and solo project to date. I hope to see some of y'all there! And yes, it has been like forever since I've posted. Also can't remember where I did that Elder Scrolls: Oblivion journal thing, so I'm putting it provisionally here, but I'll move it to another section if needed. I'm pretty sure I did a Pokemon Black journal here, too. Anywhoodle...

Go there or post here to ask me anything. Who's this Ami person? Why Kingdom Hearts? What is the force between any two charges is equal to the absolute value of the multiple of the charges divided by four pi times the vacuum permittivity times the distance squared between the two charges? Why in God's name do you post in this color?

Click here to go to my Twitch place, where I'll be streaming it all!
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