September 2011 - Zeel1™

The MotM is an interview that the team does at the end of each month. It's a fun way of finding out about respected members of the community.

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September 2011 - Zeel1™ 

Message par Meph » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:03 am

Member of the Month
September 2011

It appears to be the son of Richard Branson... Oh wait, it's Zeel.

This is the Member of the Month; an interview that I do at the end of each month. It's a fun way of finding out about respected members of the community.

I personally select each month's Member of the Month. People are picked based on their contributions to the community, whether they are: making excellent trials, providing comic relief or just being a brilliant person. The next Member of the Month could be you!

If you have any questions about the Member of the Month system, please PM me.

* * * * *

I think it's fair to say that Zeel is a bit crazy. Well... very crazy. Well... a psychopath. He's been here for well over a year, and he's certainly made his mark. He's broken the Trial Player, broken the rules on adult content in trials and is an all-round nice bloke.

Zeel is also known for his featured trial series, The Relieved Turnabouts, which features a certain prosecutor that steals the stage and has chapters that are too long.

Did I mention that they were too long?

* * * * *

Meph: Hello. Welcome to the sixteenth Member of the Month interview.

Zeel1: Gotta say, I am really honored here. I am truly overjoyed to get the chance to... have a conversation with YOU... and have it publicized.

Am I getting paid for this?

Meph: We'll see...

Meph: Can you tell us about how you found AAO, and what made you want to join?

Zeel1: An angel came to me in a dream, and told me of a wonderous place with a fantastic AA community - a place where you can find the greatest fangames and AA sprite artists known to man. A place with an incredible staff that is both reasonable and efficient at keeping out trolls and flamers. A truly spectular place that I just NEEDED to join.

Unfortunately, that place was, which was down at the time, so AAO was the next best thing.

Nah, but I guess when you get down to it, it kind of goes back to my plans for an Ace Attorney Themed Mafia, as odd as that sounds. See, in order to get information and character quotes and other things that I wanted for it, I searched and found a really good AA Wikia.

After a while on there, I stumbled onto a place where it mentioned fancase makers. The concept IMMEDIATELY sounded awesome to me, and I quickly went out and checked the ones it told me about. I think I tried PWlib or something like that, but I couldn't even START with it, so... :P

One of the other things it mentioned was Ace Attorney Online, so I went to the link and joined. It was mainly to test out the case maker, and once I found how shockingly easy to use it was, I decided to stick around and try and make friends.

Meph: And how did that lead you to creating your first case: Escape from the Turnabout?

Zeel1: Work on Escape started purely to test out the editor - believe me, I didn't think I'd be planning out the massive series that I now have in mind at the time. And interestingly enough, this TOO links to that mafia game. As I've said before, the plot and even a lot of the dialouge was taken DIRECTLY from the opening write-up of said game.

I've actually posted it in the Escape thread, if you want to look at it and see just how lazily made it truly was... :P

Funny thing is, Escape now seems ridiculously short, but that write-up is way longer than they're supposed to be, as my co-mod commented on. All about perspective, I suppose.

Meph: So when you created the next episode in the series, it started to spin into an epic. And when I say "epic", I mean in both brilliance and the fact that it's bloody long. Tell us about how you made Turnabout Bloodlines and why you had a malicious intent to break the Trial Editor by beating the record for the longest trial ever! :P

Zeel1: I don't think it's the longest trial, just the longest phase. :P As for how I made it, I suppose the most accurate answer is, off the top of my head. I honestly got lucky that it's not a ridiculously stupid story with a mess of plotholes, because I really had no planning for it at all.

I knew that it had to be based around what happened at the end of Escape, but that's basically it. I didn't even know who the killer was, what, if any, OC's I'd be introduced were, who the prosecutor would be... I basically came up with it all as I went, throughout Part 1 and through a lot of Part 2.

I think it was only about partway through the second part, that I decided I should really get this all together, so I wrote a little mini-outline of how I wanted the rest of the case to go.

Literally, wrote - on a peice of notebook paper. Felt so old-school, man. But yeah, it basically comes down to luck that it worked out so well, atleast for the early parts of it.

As for why I broke the editor, well, when I was making it, a little devil appeared on my shoulder and told me that I should try and make the single longest phase that I possibly could to force Unas to change the system. He tried to convince me that it would be better for everyone if I forced him to make it so that people could make longer trials.

A little angel appeared on my other shoulder and told me that this was not the way to make these changes, and such cruelty was unbecoming of me. So the little devil told him, "Y'know what? I agree! You're totally right! I'm sorry for giving you so much grief over the years... here, put 'er there, pal!"

The angel, being the trusting sort, naturally went to shake his hand - and the devil, of course, took the oppurtunity to stab him with his pitchfork and kill him. With my shoulder-angel dead, my evil side came out in full force. So I broke the editor, then went on a rampage, destroying cities, before returning to Valhalla to slumber and feed.

But nah, it really was never a goal. Honestly. It just kind of happened. By the time I realized how truly huge it would be, it was too late to do much about it.

Meph: Personally, I would have preferred it if you could be shot for not splitting it in half, but I guess that's not the way you like to do things. :P

Zeel1: I don't exactly have the power to have them split in half, but I guess that's not something that would ever occur to you, you blasted eyeball. :P

Meph: Anyway, how did you start working with BBblader?

Zeel1: With Ponyboy, I guess that basically started when the two of us were both added on to the dev. team for Vendetta of the Turnabout. To help with making sure we were together on this, I went and added all of the ones that had MSN to my contact list. But aside from Tap - I think - there was only one that seemed to want to talk to me, that being Ponyboy.

I'm pretty sure I had already played Renewals and liked it, but I had never talked to the guy before, so that was pretty much how we met. Since then, I'd like to think we've gotten pretty close, to the point to where I have no problem calling him my Heterosexual Life Partner. :P

He's basically my go-to guy whenever I feel the need to get an outside opinion, and I've told him everything I know about every case of Relived as well as almost every case of a second series - and I need to get finished telling him about that, but for some reason, getting to it has taken forever. :P

So yeah, he's basically my official partner. If I ever wanted to do a real, legit collab trial, he'd always be the first I'd go to. It's really quite romantic.

Meph: What's your favourite fan trial on AAO?

Zeel1: Ooooh, that is a tough one. When I first came here, it'd have probably been between The Bitter Turnabout, The Perfect Turnabout or Turnabout Nightmare, but the list of great trials has expanded a LOT in the year-and-a-couple-of-months that I've been here.

I think I'd need to give this more thought than we have time for here... yeah, that's a good way to dodge that. :P

Meph: I can tell. :P But what about comedies? Are there any that have made you laugh the most?

Zeel1: Well, there's Turnabout Orange, of course, but to be honest, I really haven't played many others.

Meph: What's your favourite episode in the AA series?

Zeel1: Hm... I think, maybe Rise From The Ashes. It's pretty much exactly how I think an AA case should be - it's long, convoluted, and has a surplus of colorful characters. Others would be Bridge, Stolen, Farewell, those are all up there...

Incidentally, you may have noticed I prefer to call them by their names and not by 1-5 or 3-2 or what have you. Calling them by numbers and whatnot just seems so... soulless. :awesome:

Meph: Are there any other video games that you like?

Zeel1: A few, yes. REALLY BIG into the Mass Effect series right now, pretty haiped for ME 3. Similarly, I loved Batman: Arkham Asylum, and am excited to get Batman: Arkham City. And the part where I'm sure I'll lose people: I've been playing the WWE SmackDown vs. RAW games for several years now, and am really looking forward to WWE '12 coming up soon. So, yeah, probably gonna be a pretty video game-heavy Christmas this year. :P

Meph: What other hobbies and interests do you have?

Zeel1: Well, as you may have ascertained (awesome word) from above, I'm a pretty big fan of the WWE. Have been since 2006. Haha, I think I was one of those people that kind of looked down on wrestling when I was younger, never really giving it a chance. It was actually one of their video games that eventually appealed to me.

Day Of Reckoning 2 it was called, it had this awesome story mode, and I was like "Say, is the real show like this?" So I gave it a shot, and ended up actually liking it. Even went to a few shows.

Aside from that, my family has always been massive fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team - that's college football... in some pics of me on here, I'm wearing crimson sunglasses and whatnot, that's actually merchandise of the team. Got a LOOOT of that.

Meph: By the way, you mean American football, right? :P

Zeel1: Duh. :P

In fact, a couple of years ago, I had my room COMPLETELY made over. It now has all sorts of logos and stickers and pictures and whatnot all over the walls. And if that's not even, I even had two of the walls painted crimson and the other two painted grey. I'm even running a mouse along a Crimson Tide mousepad right now... :P

That's basically it, as far as my interests go... OWAIT, one more thing: flirting. Yeah. I've found I really do love to flirt. :awesome:

Meph: You don't say.

Zeel1: Indeed~ :D

And now, you may be surprised to hear this, but the reasons for me starting to do that were actually quite noble ones, atleast in my mind.

You see, it all really started with my first girlfriend. Like a lot of women seem to, she had a habit of forgetting how pretty she was. She always put herself down, thought she was ugly and worthless and all of that, and that always really hurt me to hear. I just couldn't stand it. I wanted so bad to change how she felt about herself.

Of course, I was pouring it on thick with HER, because, well, she was my girlfriend, kind of supposed to. :P But I believe that this going on for a long time has given me just a bit of a complex about that kind of thing. I never have been able to take it when girls that I like say that.

So now I have a tendency to remind them how beautiful and/or sexy and/or adorable I find them at every oppurtunity, to make sure they never forget.

That's really how this started... and is still my main motivation. But I've also found that it's amazingly fun to do, especially when they do it back. :awesome:

I stand by my belief that it is harmless, despite what Okappa might think~ :P

Meph: Moving on swiftly, what's your usual day like?

Zeel1: Well keep in mind that my house has recently been contructed into a huge movie set. With that in mind, I wake up, jump over a few chasms, check behind the shower curtain after seeing what I think what was a murdering psycopath's silhoutte behind it - it was just a cat - and have a swordfight with Johnny Depp. Typical morning.

By the time I've had lunch, I'll get called in on a bomb threat, and have to decide whether to cut the blue wire or the red wire. It doesn't really matter, the one I choose is automatically right, 'cause it's still too early to be killing off the main protagonist.

In the evenings, I meet a girl, fall in love with her, we break up because my jealous arch-enemy framed me with cheating on her, get back together after I prove my innocence after barging in on her and said enemies' wedding, and we marry on the spot instead.

To end the day, I meet an evil clone of myself. We wrestle on the ground, my wife somehow gets a gun, and we both have to convince her that we're the real me. Eventually, she shoots the clone, I tell her I knew she'd make the right choice and hug her. But then, just before it cuts away, my faceplate comes off, revealing my robotic face under it. I cover it back up and grin evilly.

Then the credits roll.

Nah, but it's actually pretty boring. Currently, I usually wake up at like 10 PM, work on Redeemer for a while, flirt with Parrie if I'm lucky, go to sleep at around 2 PM... occassionally, I'll save the world, but that's rare.

That's honestly about it...

Meph: So basically, in real life, you're a cat?

Zeel1: (=3)

I was gonna ask when cats ever flirt with Parrie, but I have actually been known to purrrrrrrrrr to girls that I like, and nuzzle up to them much like a cat would as well. You may be on to something. :awesome:

Meph: What was life like for you, growing up?

Zeel1: Well, it all started for me when my parents lost me in the fields one day. I'm not sure of the details of what exactly caused this. When I ask, they say "Tequila was involved, much like it was with your conception, just shut up about it", which I'm assuming is code for "We love you too much to tell you the tragic story of that day".

But nonetheless, I wandered around aimlessly searching for my home when I came upon a farmer and his horse. The horse had a busted leg, and the farmer had a shotgun to his forehead. But the poor guy just couldn't do it. That horse raised him from birth, and he loved it with all of his heart. He just couldn't bring himself to kill him.

So instead, he turned the shotgun to his own forehead, and killed himself instead, leaving me alone with the essentially three-legged and ownerless horse. Naturally, I named him "Lucky", and got on top of him, asking him to take me home.

And with a massive amount of valience, that horse trotted along for miles and miles, over mountains, over rivers, over rocky terrain, over frozen rivers - far worse than regular rivers - over bridges, through forests, through lightning storms, through forest fires that were created BY the lightning storms, through floods and through sandstorms.

All of which is rather strange, because NONE OF THAT is supposed to be in Gadsden.

But I digress (awesome word) - he trailed on, totally ignoring what must of been the agonizing pain in his broken leg, which I'm sure only got worse with every step. And indeed, his heroism paid off - we finally arrived on my doorstep, and I came in to the loving arms of my parents who were, at the time, sober enough to care.

I told him the story of Lucky, and what a tremendous horse he truly was, and of all of the sacrifice he made to bring me back and keep me safe. Naturally, they were amazed and very grateful to Lucky, and they wracked their brains - which took a while, because their crystal meph addictions had done quite a lot of damage to said brains - to come up with a way to repay him.

Finally, they figured out the perfect way to pay him back for his great deed! The thing that he truly deserved, after all that he's been through!

...They shot him.

Nah, but it was actually kind of awful.

I've always been quiet and never really had a lot of friends. And for many of my last few years at a public school, all of the Auburn fans - the rival to the Alabama Crimson Tide - got together and started constantly berating and taunting me about it.

Now, this is fairly petty, and I knew that even then, it's really not something to get mad about, but when EVERY SINGLE CHILD THAT YOU MEET does it EVERY DAY for YEARS AND YEARS... they could've been doing that with anything, it'd probably drive you insane.

When I was about 11 or 12, I started to get really unstable over this. I stabbed one kid that did this in the arm with a pencil, and another time, I threw a brick at some kids... I don't think I actually wanted it to hit them - and it didn't - but I figured that might get them to stop if they thought I'd be willing to do that... :P

One day, I just sort of snapped, and it was so weird, because I'm still certain that I genuinely went insane for a few minutes.

What happened was, I was in this classroom. My seat was right next to a bookshelf that happened to be nailed to the floor. My notebook was on said bookshelf, which I believe was because the desks in that particular class didn't have one or those drawers or whatever to put stuff in, so I just kind of put them wherever.

I accidentally nudged it over, and then spent the next, like, twenty minutes trying to get to it. I couldn't move the damned thing of course, and I couldn't reach down there. So, after a while of reaching, I started... scratching at the bookshelf. I'm not sure what my plan was. I think I wanted to very gradually cause the thing to disintegrate.

I don't know, but I got really obsessive over this, and I KNEW I should stop, but I couldn't. I knew it made no sense at all, but I couldn't stop... that's mainly why I felt I was losing my mind, I figure that's about what it might feel like.

Anyway, eventually the teachers noticed this little breakdown. They took me outside to the hall, and I think I went home... been homeschooled ever since then.

Meph: People really can be cruel, sometimes.

Zeel1: The sad thing is, I truly doubt they had any idea what they were doing. They were just fans of one team, taunting a fan of another. I mean, everyone does that. I do it now that I'm a fan. That's just a part of the fun, there's nothing really mean or spiteful. But I don't think they realized how big their numbers were or how alone in it I really seemed to be, nobody EVER seemed to defend me.

And the amazing thing is? I wasn't even really a fan of the sport myself at the time.

I really did not care about the sport one way or another. But when they asked which side I was for, I went with 'Bama, because that's the team my parents are with, and they often sent me to school wearing 'Bama clothes.

It was shortly after this that I actually got into the sport, and I do like it now, but to be perfectly honest, I think, as much as I love Bama, I just really despise Auburn more. That's probably why I got into it in the first place. I wanted to see them lose.

It's really spiteful of me, I know - and it's hardly the fault of any of the players or coaches or whatnot at Auburn - but I can't help it. It's in my head to hate them, now. I want them to fail at everything they ever attempt to do.

I want them to go 0-12 every season, get as many NCAA violations and suspended players as they possibly can, all of it. Nothing's too harsh for them. And I can totally acknowledge that it's not where my anger should be directed, but what else can I do?

Atleast this way, it's victimless. I don't actually do anything, I just hope for my team to do it for me... :P

But yeah, nowadays, I'm homeschooled, and even more lonely, really... But I am starting to go to Beta Club meetings and whatnot, so there is that.

Meph: Well you're doing better than you'd think. You've turned out fine. ;) ...Oh wait, you haven't, because you're insane enough to make a trial chapter that's too long!!!

Zeel1: Hey! I am NOT going to have my sanity questioned by a giant, floating, purple eyeball made entirely of drugs!

Meph: Ha ha. Fair enough. But seriously, after all that, you've turned out to be a great guy.

Zeel1: *blushes* Heh, I don't know... I think at my core, I'm a pretty dark and sad person. Thing is, that really isn't what I want to be. All I really want is to be funny - someone that everyone can laugh with. I've always loved making people laugh. So that's pretty much why I'm essentially ALWAYS joking around in every post that I make.

That's not to say that I'm faking it or putting on an act - it is genuinely a part of me. But I don't know that it's quite as dominant a part of me as I like people to think...

Meph: Where do you think you got your sense of humour from?

Zeel1: I think that was influenced a lot by my oldest brother. We have pretty similar senses of humor. He's kind of the comedian of the family, and I really like that about him~

Considering that my brothers also seemed to have had so much influence on what music I like, it really wouldn't surprise me.

Meph: So how many siblings do you have? Do you get along with them? :P

Zeel1: I have two older brothers. We all get along fairly well, yeah.

Meph: What are your plans for the future?

Zeel1: I really don't have any for the far future. I do know that with as much as I've set out to do with the Meta Series, I'll be working on that for a good long while... :P I still really don't know what I'll do for a career. What I'd really love to really one day do is be a booker in wrestling - that's the person who basically decides all that happens, the stories, who wins, and such.

That's a rather unrealistic goal, though.

Meph: Well at the end of the day, wrestling is really just theatre with 90% action scenes, so if you can write a redicuolously long trial chapter, then I guess you could do it. :P

Zeel1: If you say so. :P

Meph: Before we end, do you have anything else you'd like to say?

Zeel1: Yeah - George Bush doesn't care about black people.

Also, the MOTM this month REALLY should have been Parrie, who, incidentally, is very pretty~

Nevertheless, I much appreciate you thinking I am worthy of this~


Meph: Thanks for the interview, Zeel.

Zeel1: It was your pleasure. :awesome:
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Reyson » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:04 am

Congrats, Zeelington!
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Koda » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:05 am

Congratz, Zeel! =D
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Blackrune » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:05 am

About time I suppose.

Congratz, keep being awesome etc. etc. ;)
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Meph » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:07 am

And here's the explanation for the riddle:

Does the ice crack a smile? - Does Zeel make you laugh?
Does the sky's rain fall for hours? Does Zeel make bloody long trials? :P
Does the water bring one's love to them? - Does Zeel flirt a lot?
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Gav » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:10 am

Congratz, Zeel!
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Topaz » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:11 am


Anywho, nice one zeel.
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Zeel1™ » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:14 am

Reyson Incarnate a écrit :Congrats, Zeelington!


Thankies. :awesome:

Nudalman a écrit :Congratz, Zeel! =D

Thank you too~

Blackrune a écrit :About time I suppose.

Congratz, keep being awesome etc. etc. ;)

Damn right it is! :evil: :awesome:

Topaz a écrit :But he doesnt make me laugh. THAT RIDDLE WAS ILLEGALED! I CALL CONSPIRACY!

Anywho, nice one zeel.


TwiGav a écrit :Congratz, Zeel!

Thank you~
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Meph » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:15 am

Topaz a écrit :But he doesnt make me laugh. THAT RIDDLE WAS ILLEGALED! I CALL CONSPIRACY!

I guess his style of humour which basically involves taking the piss isn't to everyone's taste. :P
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par ShadowEdgeworth » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:16 am

You win for the George Bush comment alone. :XD:

Congratulations, man! :)

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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Topaz » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:17 am

No, I usually like that type of humour. Wow, your riddles are far too OBSCURE.
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Zeel1™ » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:18 am

ShadowEdgeworth a écrit :You win for the George Bush comment alone. :XD:

Congratulations, man! :)


And thank you~
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Bad Player » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:19 am

Oh Zeel, u so crazy. Gratz!

(Also every other MotM I always go "...Wait, didn't that person already have an MotM?" and have to go back to the archives to check ^^')

What color was Lucky?
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par SwagmaWampyr » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:21 am

So Zeel, why haven't you advertised ImmaTheJoker here yet

And uh... that's about all I can ask cuz there's so little I DON'T know about you >_>

Also, I find it worth mentioning that Bloodlines isn't half as long as Sirens.
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Re: Member of the Month: September 2011 

Message par Dypo deLina » Mer Sep 28, 2011 12:22 am

Congrats, Jiru-Kun~! :D

About time you got the honours... also, your replies to Meph's questions REALLY cracked me up. :XD: :XD:

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