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AAI Investigations 

Postby Gregory Edgeworth » Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:37 pm

AAI Investigations

If you want to make an AAI-like Investigations, follow this little tutorial!

Step 1: The mainscreen

First of all, you should make an Investigation-Scene. If you don't know, how to do this, check the Official Documentation
and the point 3.4.3

Spoiler : :

    1. Here, you can enter the name. I would recommend you to enter "Back", which is going to be important later; if you are talking to a character, you will have to go "Back", when you are done.
    2. The screenshot explains everything. The character, you are talking to, should disappear, when you are done with him (or her ;) ).
    3. This is where the place, you are examining, can be seen. I am currently taking requests for AAI Investigation Scenes.

Other things, you should know
  • AAI (2) music gives the scene some "real" ambience. (But remember to follow the spoiler rules)
  • "Talk" and "Present" are not needed here and should not be filled out.

Step 2. The Examination

The only thing, you should look on, is, that the sqare, you make around a character, should be fitting.

Spoiler : :

That's all for this step.

Step 3. Talking to characters

Spoiler : :

    1. The mark is important for being led on, to the blanc frame.
    2. The wait-function is necessary. Just fill in "1".
    3. The background of the conversation has to stay blanc, for keeping the previous background.
    4. The name should stay blanc, as well.

Step 3.1. Going back

It's obvious, what this is needed for. Except, you want a trap-case, where users are going to be stuck in. But this is not my reason for writing this tutorial.

Spoiler : :

    1. This is, where the name "Back" gets important.

Other things, you should know
  • Everything (Talk, Present...) can and should be filled out here. Everything, except "Examine", for obvious reasons.

Unas mentioned, that the editor will support AAI-Investigations. This is just a basic solution until the great day comes... :D

~Note: Mick helped me with the translation of this. Thank you, Mick!~
~ Die Wahrheit kommt ans Licht! ~
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Re: AAI Investigations 

Postby Kroki » Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:44 pm

That would be more handy to put nothing in "Character" on the investigation main screen, that way when you display your character next to the policeman on the right, he will still be there when you'll go back to the main screen.
Assuming you display the character at all.
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