[Feedback/Bug][E] Turn off text preview on screen editor

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[Feedback/Bug][E] Turn off text preview on screen editor 

Message par E.D.Revolution » Dim Juin 01, 2014 5:28 pm

In this case, I am NOT talking about when you have the speaker and text set BUT not the sprite. I am talking about when you have all three set, but you need to change something in that frame.

For example, I may want to change the background or the actual pose. I don't want to hear the blips OR see the text print automatically for two reasons: it slows down the editor more and the blip sound does NOT go away if I close the editor prematurely.

How to reproduce: First set up your frame with the following: the actual text and the speaker. Then, go to the screen editor and add the sprite. Make sure that sprite is visible. Then confirm and go back to the screen editor. The preview screen should have the text start printing out. You can opt to close it prematurely, and I suggest you do. If you close it prematurely, the blip should still be sounding.
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Re: [Feedback/Bug][E] Turn off text preview on screen editor 

Message par Enthalpy » Mar Août 18, 2015 8:40 pm

Is there still any interest in this suggestion?

Text blips stop playing when the screen editor is closed, and I'm not seeing any slowdown based on whether the text is displaying or not.
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Re: [Feedback/Bug][E] Turn off text preview on screen editor 

Message par Calvinball » Mer Août 19, 2015 2:21 am

It's not so much slowdown for me that the text sound can be jarring and irritating when I don't expect it. I'm not dying for it to happen, personally, but it might be nice.
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