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Latest news and updates

Development News : Return of the bleeps

Development News
Return of the bleeps

Hello everyone !
New AAO update just released. :-)

New features:
  • Character voice bleeps are now properly synchronised with the typing speed. (ThePasch)

  • Fixed a bug caused by the previous fix to a bug causing pauses when a character’s sprite was updated. (Enthalpy)
    (Let's hope there is no need for another fix to that fix for the previous fix :-D)
  • Fixed German translation of the editor. (ThePaSch)

More changes are on their way, stay tuned for future updates :-)

Development News: Minor Follow-Up Update

Development news
Minor Follow-Up Update

Hello everyone.

Another AAO update went live last night! It mainly focuses on fixing two rather annoying bugs that appeared after the last update, though we did slip in one minor, experimental change, because apparently, not everybody gets as excited about bugfixes as I do.

The changes in detail:

New features:
  • Added smooth scrolling control to the place minieditor in the editor. (ThePasch)

  • Fixed a bug causing pauses when a character’s sprite was updated. (Enthalpy)
  • Fixed a bug disabling saves from loading when a character was on-screen at time of saving. (Enthalpy)
  • Fixed a bug making saves reload the player (Enthalpy)

Please let us know what you think of adding smooth scroll to the place minieditor - is it helpful? Disruptive? Takes up too much space? Speeds up your process? We added it thinking that it will make scripting court scenes faster, but we're eager to hear from the users before deciding whether it's here to stay or not!

Development is still active, and more cool stuff is sure to be on the way (if everything goes well)! As always, you can stay updated on what's happening in AAO development on the project's Bitbucket page, and if you'd like to join development efforts, check out the Developer's Corner for all the resources you'll need to get started.