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Update Incoming; Help Wanted

Development news
Update Incoming; Help Wanted

Things have been quiet on the AAO development front lately. For those who aren't aware, the AAO development team as of late has been myself, ThePasch, and Unas. Unas has been clear that his time was very limited, and others would need to take the lead on new features. ThePasch and I both have schedules that limited our time to contribute. I've changed jobs, so my schedule is now much lighter, but the same is not true of ThePasch. So I expect to be more active, but if I have to go quiet again for a while, as things stand, AAO development is going to go quiet again.

This doesn't mean AAO development is over. Now that I have a break in my schedule, I've gotten four pull requests up today, and I can promise that the next AAO update will include a long-awaited feature: being able to fade out audio. I'm hopeful that we can have this by the end of the year.

That said, we can get AAO in a much more stable place if I could get some additional help on the development side. If you're interested in helping, here's what we can use, in order of least to most time-intensive. If you can help, reply here.

To keep AAO translated across the German, French, and Spanish sections, I need people who actually know those languages to translate brief snippets of text that will be instructions in the editor. I currently have people who can translate into German and Spanish, but any French translators would be very welcome.

If you're interested in testing new updates before they roll out to AAO, that would be very welcome! Unas is working on some improvements to make this easier, but right now, you'll need to run some commands on the command line, and you won't have access to all the built-in resources of AAO unless you add them yourself.

Code Reviewers

AAO is written in a little bit of PHP for server-side operations, but mostly the web development standard of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. If you can review code to make sure it looks sane, you can get started on the open pull requests.


Taking the most time but also being the most valuable, if you want to contribute to AAO yourself, go right ahead! The code is all available, and you can make whatever pull request you want.

Development news: Forum upgrade

Development news
Forum upgrade
Following the AAOkube migration last week, lots of you had noticed issues on the forums.
To resolve them, I just performed a long due upgrade of the forum software.

As a result of the upgrade, your experience on the forums will change slightly.
I tried to reproduce a very similar layout to make it easy for everyone - I hope you'll enjoy it. Feel free to report anything you dislike and we'll see if that can be improved.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, the transition didn't go smoothly : the website was offline for most of the day today... and I've been forced to restore a backup of the database dating to this Monday 2020-10-12 06:28:37 GMT. Any post or conversation, and any work done on a trial since that date has disappeared.
I'm really sorry for that problem - but given the trouble I've gone through today, I'm already relieved to get everything back online now !