Lower Blip Volume and Frequency

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Lower Blip Volume and Frequency

Post by fanfreak247 »

It's pretty self explanatory. I would like the blip volume to be lowered, and I would like (just like in the original games) the blips to be less frequent and by default for text to put on the screen much faster.
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Re: Lower Blip Volume and Frequency

Post by Enthalpy »

Please make a separate topic to discuss text speed, as that's an unrelated issue.

Volume lowering is plausible, but I haven't had problems with the current setting. This may be a browser-specific issue, so what browser are you using?

"How often a blip occurs" is something that ThePasch and I checked carefully when we put the feature in, with comparison to the canon games. I can look again, but that's going to be more involved, so (in reference to discussion elsewhere) that will not be part of the next AAO update.
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