Seeking Logic Consultant

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Seeking Logic Consultant

Post by ChingKittyCat »

Hey there everyone,

I'm seeking a logic consultant for my friend and I's series (the one in my signature with no clickable link at the moment, lol). I'm the sole writer, and I'm not very good at logic puzzles. I'm brand new to fancase making, and while I have confidence in my writing capability normally, I am completely out of my depth experience-wise for logic puzzles. Sure, for fanfics or something my writing would be great by itself, but I want to have something at least somewhat satisfactory puzzle-wise to make for a good fangame. I'm a post-trilogy fan, so I am somewhat seeking a more easy-going puzzle-solving series so there can be more focus on character drama and overarching plot. I love myself some dramatic tension, though, and having bad puzzles can sometimes ruin the narrative stakes.

As our game is wholly custom, with brand new assets for everything, I don't want it to seem like we just spent a whole lot of time prettying up and making unique visuals to distract from shoddy or amateurish mistakes in logic. Having someone with experience to help me out with the writing will make all of our effort in character designing, animating, backgrounding, asset creating, game ripping, and plot-creating worth it. This is a big passion project, and I hope that at least two of the five cases planned for it will see the light of day.

If anyone is willing to volunteer their services as Someone Who Likes Logic Puzzles and can Make Sure Mine Are Okay, and are willing to talk to me for extensive periods of time about the puzzle concept for future cases (one is effectively already done writing-wise but unreleased while another has not made major progress on the writing front) as well as the plot for the current ones, then please leave a comment. I'll DM you my discord, or you can find me in my render server via Storyteller's Sources.

Of course, people with fancase creation experience will be preferred.

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