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Need help here!

Post by Pechenuxa »

Hello, I need an advice. I am making an investigation now, so I made an introduction dialogue. But I have a problem - how do I update this dialogue? When I got an information to ask about, for example. Thank you!
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Re: Need help here!

Post by drvonkitty »

You'll need to use variables to make that happen.

Once an introduction dialogue is complete, the editor automatically hides it. Let's say you want a new introduction dialogue at that location after you find a piece of evidence. After you find that evidence, you need to use a "Reveal introduction conversation" action to reveal the conversation, and you need to set a variable. Let's say "Introduction = 1." Then, in the introduction conversation, you need to use a "Evaluate conditions to redirect the player" action on the first frame, using "Introduction = 1" as your condition. If it fails, you play the first introduction conversation. If it succeeds, you proceed to the second introduction conversation. Usually, I include extra introduction conversations in a location in a hidden talk option. This has the same effect as an introduction conversation but makes things a little easier to organize.

So it'll be a little like this:

Location 1: Evaluate condition goes to "failure frame," plays first introduction conversation, introduction conversation is automatically hidden

Location 2: Player meets condition, reveal introduction conversation at Location 1, set variable

Location 1: Evaluate condition reads that variable and goes to the second introduction conversation, which I normally put in a hidden talk conversation
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Re: Need help here!

Post by Enthalpy »

Pechenuxa, could you be more specific about what you want to happen? I can imagine any of the following possibilities:
* The "introduction conversation" does not actually change, but you add a new talk conversation.
* The player sees the "introduction conversation" once, but the dialogue may be slightly different depending on whether the player has this information to ask about.
* If the player goes to the location, leaves, gets the information to ask about, and then comes back, the player will see a second "introduction conversation" telling them they can ask about the new information.
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