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Showcase your artistic creations, whether that be sprites, music, drawings or literature, and whether they be related to the Ace Attorney universe or not.

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Post by AshuraMage »

Hi, I am kind of new here and I don´t know if this goes here, but my request is actually for finding a lost sprite that I found on AO, I will try to explain it.
A year ago or so, I found an AO(Attorney Online) server pack that had a sprite for Hobo Phoenix as a defense attorney, I thought it was pretty cool but I never saved it, but now I wanted to do some stuff with it(mostly, edit it and use in a fangame that I had some ideas to make), so I redownloaded AO and everything there is dead, not even a single server alive, so, a lot of sprites are lost forever. And before you mention it: Yes, I know there is another D.A. Hobo Nick sprite on the Canon Character Custom Sprites Thread, however, it's not the one I remember, because the one I remember looked like it was made with Phoenix's trilogy sprites, not made from zero(although it had some exclusive animations, like a new damage one). In case it helps, the name of the server that I found the sprite was something like Ace Attorney Online Brasil.
Again, I don´t know if this is the right place to post this, so, if I´m wrong, please correct me, so I can post in a more appropriate place.

Update: AO now is back and I found the sprites and want to upload them to the Canon Character Custom Sprites thread, but I don´t know who made them, is there any problem with that?
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