[E] CSS in editor

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[E] CSS in editor

Post by Sheika »

Okay, I know this is a very tall request, and I don't yet know enough about web development to know whether this could cause a security issue.


Would it be possible to have a tab on the editor where we can modify the player's stylesheet for our specific case? Just a text box with the editable .css in it. The possibilities for it are limitless. We could modify the editor's presentation to match our case's visual style. We could implement different fonts on the text boxes or court records. We could change the way the CR presents info. We could implement screen sizes other than 256x192, a pretty widely requested feature, on our own. Since the burden would be on the author to know or learn CSS in order to make things, I think this would be fairly low-stress for the AAO developers, besides sanitization and ensuring site security.

Is this a realistic request?
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Re: [E] CSS in editor

Post by Mosy »

If we could code different options so each case would have a different looking gameplay engine, screensize, etc.
Man, sadly all we can do is most likely dream, as the Moderators for this site have been down for as long as I can know :/
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I guess not...
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