Trucy animation 21 reads outdated URL

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Trucy animation 21 reads outdated URL

Post by Grounder »

It's more than just this one animation across a few characters, I think, but this is the one I came across most recently.

Instead of the proper URL, ... ite/21.gif, the player checks for ... ite/21.gif, it's a 404, and as such the image is never properly displayed.
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Re: Trucy animation 21 reads outdated URL

Post by Enthalpy »

Good catch, but the correct fix is instead to create the missing gif at the URL that the trial player is already looking for. In particular, it's looking for another version of the Mr. hat reveal sprite, so I'll need to make sure that link points there. I can try using an alias, but if worst comes to worst, I can duplicate the file.
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