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Post by Nathe »

I finished a French series 3 months ago and an idea came to mind.

It's December 2034 and the dark ages of law have been declared.

In January, the sister of the great lawyer Evry Davye is murdered by R traffickers because she was leading the investigation against this group of bandits. R is a product that drives animals insane, hence the attacks on animals in the last 11 months.

This is a challenge for you, dear forum participants.

Using the criteria below, create a series that is as close to mine as possible.

This is a competition for fun. (There is nothing to win).

Here are the criteria:

4 episodes:

1) Elephant and Change
2) Change on the lake
3) Change on TV
4) The end of change

3 Lawyers :

Evry Dayve (Phoenix Wright)

Truth Knight (Apollo Justice)

Laura Tornei (Athena Cykes)

At the end of the adventure, we learn who the leader of the R smugglers is (Logical).

There is an abduction in the story.

Animals have been attacking humans.

Use the music from Dual Destinies

It's not really a competition because there's no deadline. I'll just post a ranking each time.

Rankings vary according to other publishers' trials

If you want to join in, post a message in the forum!
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Re: Challenge

Post by eerew »

No thank you
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Re: Challenge

Post by applekitty »

I'll be working on an entry with eerew.

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Re: Challenge

Post by DeathByAutoscroll »

There is already an active competition running in the dedicated competition subforum, it's not too late to enter it if you want a competition experience
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Re: Challenge

Post by SuperAj3 »

Yeah as DBA said, case comps are already something active here on AAO. The most current one can be viewed here: viewtopic.php?t=13642

In any event, It's standard practice here to have competitions be approved by mods before posting a thread. It's also been agreed that winners of the previous comp have priority in hosting the next one.

You're still able to enter the current comp and can try out this idea here.